Daron, Melanie, Stephen, Kassie, and Kenny

Monday, May 2, 2011

...With liberty and justice for all!

Today we're celebrating the DEATH, finally, of Osama bin Laden! Americans (and others!) everywhere are rejoicing... I saw a guy driving down the road here in Crassier with USA flags stuck all over his car screaming and shouting 'yahoo' as he drove.  Apparently Obama ended his victory speech with my phrase that I always used to end my high school speeches with -- "with liberty and justice for all"... all my neices and nephews apparently shouted that out when they heard him.

Here's Mom treating the kids to a unique chocolate puzzle... (it's sitting on my happy birthday platter from Daron that matches my happy toaster)

Kas is jammin' out...

Funny - one of Kenny's classmates' moms told me that all the little Swiss kids in his class now call their teacher 'teacher!' when they're calling her -- apparently before he learned how to say "maitresse", he ofcourse said "teacher", and now he has mastered the accent perfectly and says it right, but the rest of them apparently still call her teacher - they all think it's funny.

And Callister's new glasses... how adorable!

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