Daron, Melanie, Stephen, Kassie, and Kenny

Sunday, August 14, 2016

Grandma does Virtual Reality!

Priceless lifetime memory... Mom trying out the kids' silly virtual reality video gaming toys! The videos are priceless:

Stephen: Grandma, listen to me and follow my instructions. I’m like the Holy Ghost.
Mom: See I’m shooting them – this is the dumbest thing I’ve ever seen.
Stephen: Shoot the words, Grandma.
Mom: There’s words on there? Where? Oooooh, scary ugly guys.  Alright, so I’m done, right? That was the scariest thing ever. (dripping sarcasm)

Stephen gets his drivers license... good boy!

Our annual eat lunch at HP with dad day!

Kas meeting with the cute sisters for their personal conversion discussions.

Finding names, then taking them to the temple!

Watching summer Olympics night and day!

The doggies love taking their walks together! 

Daron coaching me on drinking my water to avoid heat stroke at girls camp this week! 

Thursday, July 28, 2016

SUMMER: 4 mini vacations in 3 weeks!

Once again, Daron planned a fabulous family trip! 3 fun-filled weeks of driving in the car together... we finished a 5-novel "The Children of the Promise" books on tape set. A yummy meal at the Big Texan in Amarillo kicked off our adventure!

Part 1: Colorado
https://youtu.be/RhvTykdeXiA Estes Park, Kassie picking rocks in the cold
https://youtu.be/OBrwZjm56pM Exploring in Rocky Mtn National Park

White water rafting, Denver where Mel grew up, Voodoo Donuts, Air Force Academy



Part 2: Las Vegas!
https://youtu.be/wKZNYkyCGME  The Venetian: Our suite in the world's biggest hotel!
https://youtu.be/4ZjiJaWSUPE The Flamingo: One of the 24 hrs of all you can eat buffets!
https://youtu.be/3mZQw3ndSzI Cirque de Soleil: Stephen stars as Papa!

Rode the monorail/roller coaster, walked thru fancy shops and saw 3 awesome shows: pet comedy, variety, and cirque! Once in a lifetime (because that's all anyone needs to do) 24hr buffets & fancy hotels.

Part 3: Yellowstone & Hairs join us at Uncle Henrik's Cabin!
https://youtu.be/ZTFYJaku8lc  Buffalo walks down road during our 1.5hr delay
https://youtu.be/ZpPaKPyGdOk Old Faithful erupts!

Part 4: Stephen and Kassie go to BYU EFY while Daron, Kenny & Mel play in Utah!
https://youtu.be/-Wd75pFFlj0 Cousin leg wars
https://youtu.be/yw6868Gj2x0 Kenny rolling down Provo's Rock Canyon Park

Saw Steve & Marla, Elder Sterling Boyd, Aunt Margaret & Bob, Temple square, kids had an awesome week at EFY, backstage Studio C tour, then home thru Arches National Pk in Moab. So sad to leave the beautiful mountains and crisp fresh air behind!