Daron, Melanie, Stephen, Kassie, and Kenny

Tuesday, May 8, 2018

Youth Conference, HP Cali trip, my bday, and Bearkadettes!

Youth Conference - the kids had a blast! From sweet Daniel Ure, Stake YM Pres:  You have the most wonderful, pleasant, and worthy children. They are such a pleasure, the leaven in the lump! Kassie got to drive a tractor! Stephen is a powerful young man. Thank you for raising wonderful children! It is a pleasure to work with them. I got such a kick watching Kassie drive the tractor. I now wish I was better at taking pictures. They did awesome! From Stephen's Pa Matt Strader: "We so loved having Stephen in our family. We was helpful, happy, kind, and loving. He is a great young man!!!" They were so tired when they were done! But Sat/Sun we all got to raise our hands in support of the new prophet, Pres. Nelson -- such a memorable experience!

Love HP ~ joined Daron for his Palo Alto business trip!


Everyone made my 46th bday so fun! Mom said "I think dad and Kenny made the breakfast together❤️" Best gift ever... the temple was REDEDICATED on my bday!! So fun to go to church and hear talks about the temple, then go to a session with Daron Tuesday, 8 months after Harvey flooded it out, then back again that week with the kids for baptisms!





Cute Kas made Bearkadettes! Drill team family, we now are!



When Kas texts, "mom can't you come get me for an hour so we can eat Tres Leches and watch a Madam Secretary together?" You do it because Jesus is coming soon and how much longer do we all have, really? (Different outfits because it might have happened twice so far this year... I hope she passes 9th grade)


Wednesday, March 28, 2018

How is Stephen already 18?!?

Stephen's such a good boy! Doing many great things -- loves his new job at Quick Quack and he's always excited for his next activity... we watched old family videos and he has been an endless font of energy since day 1! March was a big month... he asked his sweet friend Caroline to Mormon Prom by giving envelopes to each of her teachers to give her each class period with the message (1 word in each envelope) "Will you go to MoPro with me?" Her English teacher told her, "he looked like a very nice young man with good teeth!" Super cute - they're excited to go together... she accepted with "YES" donuts!

We did "18 Days countdown to Stephen's 18th", giving him a gift everyday... things from his favorite treats to a chess set to date money. First day was yummy Denny's breakfast w/ Mom and Dad! Started his bday by visiting his seminary class with donuts and a song, then took him his favorite Sonic drink at lunch.





And the fun all-nighter teenage party!

His classmates singing to him in choir ~

New Quick Quack Car Wash job - he loves it! ("They hired me on the spot, walked me around the facility, and gave me the rundown. I start next week!") 


Love this darling girl of ours -- a friend had her babysit and asked her about her day. Kas said "It was so great!" Kimberly said, but you always say everyday is great, do you ever have bad days? Kas said, "well yeah sometimes but a bad day is just a good day you're just looking at the wrong way!!" She always hops up for seminary in the morning and has such a cheerful attitude!

Sweet Rebecca Talley and her husband and son came over and brought an orange tree and planted it in my backyard in Dad's honor. She told us months ago she wanted to give me a gift that would be meaningful and lasting and remind me of all the sunshine that Dad spread to everyone. So she thought about it for a very long time and realized that since I love flowers and plants, and oranges are the closest thing to Sunshine that she could think of... she bought it months ago and watered it and waited until it was the right time, so they came over with their buckets and shovels and Miracle-Gro dirt and dug a huge hole and planted it in my backyard. Then she proceeded to say that she still doesn't understand why my dad had to be taken, when there are so many yucky people left here who she thinks should have gone instead... 


 We love doing fun FHEs together ~ we found this super cute video of Stephen & Kas giving the primary scripture and talk... where does time go? I miss that stage. Now they're grown up and we do lessons about taking care of ourselves while we apply blackhead removal pads...