Daron, Melanie, Stephen, Kassie, and Kenny

Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Back to school, Sterl returns, & Stieg!

August brought more summer fun, date nights, and back to school flurry -- FIRSTS: First time to have 2 teens in high school, first time for my youngest to start middle school; first time for Kas to begin her 4-year early morning seminary journey (she loved it!) and first time to send kids back to school without Grandpa giving them a good luck kiss. Cherishing every moment with these 3 friends that we feel so blessed to have grow up in our home..."time flies on wings of lightning... we cannot get it back!"

Kassie's first official job and paycheck from Karen's Closet, a ladies boutique where we shop; the owner said to her one day, "you are the cutest thing ever, come work for me!" She's only 15 so she just did a couple of days and loved it, maybe will go back next summer!

Summer date nights ~


Stieg joins our family! Sent straight from Dad -- he won't leave her side!!  

Temple trips, swim parties, and fun to live by cousins -

Kas gives her first Sacrament Mtg talk and Steff comes as a chicken to teach my primary music!




And Sterling triumphantly returns ~ Well done, thou good and faithful servant!!

Savannah departs for SUU!!


Kenny conducts his first Scout Court of Honor as Master of Ceremonies! 



Stephen rocks his keynote speech presenting to a fellow Eagle Scout!


And the first day of school & seminary, finding Kenny's classes, signing Stephen up for choir, so fun!

Watching the Eclipse! 

Always remembering Dad...

Cute 1999 journal entry from Kas!