Daron, Melanie, Stephen, Kassie, and Kenny

Wednesday, March 7, 2018

Trump-Thor and February fun!

Blessing of finding Thor for Mom! She renamed him Trump, but he was just perfect for her. Sleeps all night, total lovebug, soft and squishy, and she told us when we surprised her with him that she had already decided her next dog would be a white Pekingese... we didn't even know that! We trained him a few weeks while Mom was on her roadtrip with Sterl (partying in Tijuana...) So when she met him, we could already tell her all the good things about him... including that he loves tubbytime! 






Taking lunch to Kenny at 6th Grade Doerre, watching Kas shine at YWIE, all of us helping with an Eagle project, singing at a funeral, and Kenny ranks up to Star and plays violin!


Love for our favorites on Valentines ~



I love reading Mom's old journal entries...

Saturday, 5 January, 1980: "Well, Jenny went to a slumber party last night at Shauna Bellamy's.  Then today they went skating from 12-4.  So Jenny hasn't been home.  We miss
her.  She called us this morning to say "Good Morning".  That was sweet.  She
has been sick a lot in December - tired and weak.  I hope this party hasn't been
too much for her.  Bernt and Mildred have been here visiting for 3 days - just the two of them.  It was lots of fun.  We went to an Amway Rally Wednesday night and then Thursday
to the Denim Broker (restaurant) and Friday to Casa Bonita.  We watched "Goin' South"
and "Jaws" on the video tape also.  Stephen had to go to work for a couple of hours today.  Something went wrong with one of the programs.  I miss him when he is gone.  Kassie, Melanie, Sterling and Stephanie are cutting and coloring with cardboard. I have a cold that never goes away - it kind of hangs on at varying degrees of severity for months. Well, I have dirty dishes in the sink and clothes to fold.  I mopped and vacuumed this morning. It's a never ending task (to keep house) when there are children in a home.  But we wouldn't have it any other way."

So grateful that Dad took the time to transcribe some of them for us. When I read one last week, it just amazed me the non-stopness of her busy life with 5 little kids... I wondered about my life now with older teens and no littles at home. So I started to jot down everything I did ~ I was tired reading the list by the afternoon.

From 5-8:30AM: Breakfast, lunch and dinner for all 5 of us, including a meal for a luncheon I’m attending
Watched a Jeffrey R. Holland speech
Mowed/edged backyard
Did laundry
Prepared Sunday Primary Chorister music lesson
9am on:  Endoscopy prep for tomorrow
Temple grounds cleaning - guard told story of fish caught in the gate post-Harvey, he couldn't touch it b/c everything had to be left for insurance to see
Baked bread 3x this week already
Writing Bridget's missionary email
Practiced violin with Kenny for competition performance tonight
Refilled Daron's meds 
Oil change
Library pickup
Kas hair appt
Gave Geneve heartworm meds
Daron's interview to be new ward clerk – so proud to hear him say “I’d love to – when do I start?”

And yet all these things pale in comparison to bigger things happening... all our family and Sterl's ward constantly fasting/praying for Maxwell’s concussion recovery. So glad his MRI came back clear, but waiting patiently for his healing. 

Wednesday, February 7, 2018

January fun ~ Colorado trip and more!

We took a spontaneous weekend trip to Ft. Collins Colorado ~ beautiful city in the mountains. Downtown was built by the guy who designed Walt Disney's Main Street - charming! 

Cool doobie smoking ice-fishermen that let us help drill the hole!

Joy's paver at the Fallen Warrior Memorial 

Momentous ~ sweet President Monson's passing and our new prophet Pres. Nelson is called!

A surprising ice storm!!

Kristian's Awesome Play ~ Addams Family! He's a superstar!

So fun to watch Kas play bball ~ 

The new lightsaber craze...


Loving being Primary Music Chorister...


Ward Youth Temple trip to Dallas ~ their first time to see where we were married!! Stephen baptized all his peers - it was the first time the church has allowed priests to do that in temples. April Williams texted me this: "It was so great to watch your awesome kiddos today! Stephen was the first to be able to baptize, and was able to baptize Kenny to start.  That alone was awesome enough, but Kassie was right off to the side waiting to go after Kenny and she looked like such a proud mama watching her brothers, it was adorable! I truly hope my kids can display that level of affection toward one another unprompted!! Such sweet sibling moments! Ya'll have seriously awesome kids!! #goparents, #teachmeyourways!"

Sweet Stieg has brought Mom and our family (especially Kenny and me) so much joy. We've been heartbroken since he passed away and look forward to finding Mom a new little friend.


Some favorite memories...