Daron, Melanie, Stephen, Kassie, and Kenny

Wednesday, February 7, 2018

January fun ~ Colorado trip and more!

We took a spontaneous weekend trip to Ft. Collins Colorado ~ beautiful city in the mountains. Downtown was built by the guy who designed Walt Disney's Main Street - charming! 

Cool doobie smoking ice-fishermen that let us help drill the hole!

Joy's paver at the Fallen Warrior Memorial 

Momentous ~ sweet President Monson's passing and our new prophet Pres. Nelson is called!

A surprising ice storm!!

Kristian's Awesome Play ~ Addams Family! He's a superstar!

So fun to watch Kas play bball ~ 

The new lightsaber craze...


Loving being Primary Music Chorister...


Ward Youth Temple trip to Dallas ~ their first time to see where we were married!! Stephen baptized all his peers - it was the first time the church has allowed priests to do that in temples. April Williams texted me this: "It was so great to watch your awesome kiddos today! Stephen was the first to be able to baptize, and was able to baptize Kenny to start.  That alone was awesome enough, but Kassie was right off to the side waiting to go after Kenny and she looked like such a proud mama watching her brothers, it was adorable! I truly hope my kids can display that level of affection toward one another unprompted!! Such sweet sibling moments! Ya'll have seriously awesome kids!! #goparents, #teachmeyourways!"

Sweet Stieg has brought Mom and our family (especially Kenny and me) so much joy. We've been heartbroken since he passed away and look forward to finding Mom a new little friend.


Some favorite memories...

Friday, January 12, 2018

Kenny is a BLACK BELT!

After 3 1/2 years of hard work, Kenny earned his black belt! It was so fun to have SO MUCH of our family there ~ even the college kids!! It took 4 hours, but seemed to fly by... such a memorable experience watching him fight and kick and sweat thru his tears, but he EARNED it! Some precious comments from his adorable Coach Miss Carol: Thank you for giving me the honor of being his karate instructor. What a blessing it has been for me to have gotten to know him and you and your beautiful family. Tell Kenny, don't worry, once a black belt, always a black belt for life!!!! He was a true inspiration to watch. Amazing! I love you guys! 





The support group!

The next day I got this text from Mom, so darling!: Last night I had to take 1-1/2 ambien because I keep seeing Phil pummeling on Kenny...  

Kas did a little trying out too.... (not really)

Fighting 2 at a time!

Words of encouragement from Miss Carol when he was sweating and teary-eyed: "The whole point of your black belt test is to push you to your absolute limit!"

And it's done!!


We love Miss Carol! Her message after he finished: I talked to Mr. M. We came up with a plan. We are NOT going to charge you at all. So if Kenny just wants to come and teach, and be a Black Belt whenever he wants to come. That way he is not obligated to anything. Come every day, or come every 2 weeks. What ever he feels like doing.... Sound good??!! I can't bear not ever seeing my favorite student again. 💔💔💔💔💔

And Kristian rocks his school video, and includes the cousins in his hilarious skit on the beach!

I love the Church's emphasis on #LightTheWorld... helping others out. I had the chance to do a little something that made my heart happy ~ When I was checking out of H-E-B at 6:30am after dropping the kids off at seminary one morning, there was an old hunched over man probably 90 years old buying just meat. I struck up a conversation and asked him if he was going to barbecue, and he said no, I'm doing the meatballs for Christmas day, my sister always cooks for me and we do this special recipe that my grandma brought over from Italy. Then he turned away from me and I saw him counting his coins in his hand, so I asked the lady to put his meat on my bill. He just looked at me and cried and said oh thank you so much!