Daron, Melanie, Stephen, Kassie, and Kenny

Thursday, October 6, 2016

Homecoming, Primary Program, and Gen Conf!

Stephen had a blast going to Homecoming with Kaylee, and especially being in Savannah's group!







And the next day was Kenny's last Primary Program ~ Stephen was pretty tired! So sweet of Fef and Cal to come! A friend wrote me this about cute Kenny: "Please tell Kenny what a rockstar he is for doing such a marvellous job on his part in the primary program! What a great speaking talent he has, just like the rest of his family." He was smiley and so cute, and helped the others in his class with their parts. Totally took me back to 4 years ago when all 3 did their last PP together.




Honey (now Harley) went to live with Jenina on her lovely estate with deer running wild - she went crazy with excitement when we drove her out there! Geneve enjoys being an only-dog again; cute pic their sweet daughter drew with HARLEY in it - their kids were so excited to get her. Jenina told me how Harley took off after their Barn cat, then the cat turned around and hissed at her, arched her back, then chased Harley all the way back across the yard... too funny.

Mom, Dad and Jen on their fun 3 wk road trip!

Kenny's loving his activities ~ karate, starting violin, scouting, and Family History work! From Jill Bluth who helped him search for family names, "Kenny, you are the one pushin the wagon! You're gonna get your family all to the finish line! These people are real, and they're watching over and protecting you now... you are their SAVER! Joseph Smith called you a "savior on Mt Zion!"

Kenny's brown belt kata with Miss Carol: https://youtu.be/XzyOa05o_Uw


 Loving watching General Conference together ~ puzzles, brushing hair, & Mod Pizza lunch break!

Love these kids. I frequently get sweet compliments from others about them, they're adorable and growing up too fast. From Stephen's seminary teacher: "I need to let you about your wonderful, Stephen....Each and every day, he comes up to either Sherron or I, whoever taught the lesson, shakes our hand tell us 'thank you' for the great lesson....HOW SWEET IS THAT!?!?  Talk about adorable,  gracious and kind.... He is sheer joy to have in class." and from his other teacher: "Love that gift bearing boy of yours - we'd love him even without the gifts. He is always so appreciative and polite! What a treat to get to know him and call him one of ours."

Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Rockin' church activities!

We love being involved with the kids at this age - they're doing such fun things! Our callings (Klein Stake YW President & Ward YM 1st counselor) keep us busy but where else would we want to be but right in the middle of their activities!? This month has been nonstop crazy fun with church volleyball, dances, and women's broadcast. Here's Kassie's first stake dance! Loved having them both there with me, and with Kristian too!

Church volleyball! Kassie's winning serve streak: https://youtu.be/TIVxhCyPkEY. 

The General Women's Broadcast! What a treat to have Stephanie come (all the way from a different stake)... just for dessert... then leave before the broadcast even started. AHAHAHAHAHA!


This is cute Charis, Stake RS Pres. A fun treat to work with amazing women, she was Steven Chalk's seminary teaacher years ago too - small world. This event took a lot of work to prepare on all of our parts - as she drove away eating my homemade bread I brought her, she texted me "You're AWESOME! Inquiring minds want to know how you manage to coordinate, talk to and facilitate things so dang fast. You're like Blossom, the super hero girl from the Powerpuff Girls Cartoon, who literally flits from one thing to another in the blink of an eye and makes everything perfect and never breaks into a sweat like the rest of us!"

Stake Pres. Bikman texted me this pic he took of Jenina during a YWIE, saying "Your influence runs deep" - hilarious! People tell me they're becoming picture takers because of my example. Funny! 

 AND BACK TO SCHOOL! Here's Stephen's cute French book he made for meet the teacher night... his teacher told us,"Oh Stephen is my angel! Today he dressed up for picture day and he reminded me of a banker or lawyer or executive – just the way he holds himself!" Cute. They love 5th, 8th & 10th grade! Fun to live by cousins and go to seminary together!



Kenny’s teacher at back to school night: "Kenny is so great. He told me, “I have 2 things to tell you Mrs. Walker. One, you look so nice today. And 2, you did a great job teaching us today!” And from the other teacher, “He said - You can always count on me, Mrs. Boyer!” So glad he transitioned happily from homeschooling!

A blast to kidnap Kas to go see Beyonce live! We forgot parking cash so we had to bribe a cute couple walking in to take a check for a bit over in exchange for a $20 for parking - luckily they did!