Daron, Melanie, Stephen, Kassie, and Kenny

Saturday, November 18, 2017

Halloween & 2nd Homecoming

Kenny said the cutest thing recently one morning. "I miss Grandpa but it's probably like he's on vacation up there. He's probably living it up doing loop-de-loops in the clouds and swimming in a pool of jelly beans!" We sure miss him and sweet Joy.


Kids are all enjoying their activities... Kas was recognized for her YW Honor Bee and continues to enjoy being an equestrian! We love her funny, always laughing personality. Unflappable.  


Kenny went on his first home teaching visit w/ Daron, and gave his first Sacrament Meeting talk! He received LOTS of sweet compliments: "We were SO impressed with your sons talk on Sunday. Great material, but the DELIVERY! I think it would make any communications practitioners heart shine! WOW!" and "What I loved was that Kenny wasn't just reading it, he believed what he was saying!" and "I've never heard a talk delivered with such polish... it was fun to see the difference between Wednesday night Deacon Kenny and Sunday Grown up Kenny!" His karate coach Miss Carol loved his talk so much, she sat all the students down in the dojo and instructed them to listen carefully while she asked Kenny to read the whole 1st section, then talked with them about the importance of gratitude!

Stephen loved taking Kylie Watson to Klein Oak's homecoming!  We love their family; Lisa also pays him to do odd jobs around her home.  She told me "Around here Stephen is known as “the wonder boy!” Such a gentleman! It was a privilege for us to have the opportunity to have you in our home and your wonderful son😘"


Great to live by family -- seeing Stefan ordained a priest, swimming with mom, getting fun I-Love-You gifts like Owl socks from Kas, & hanging with cousins!




We live for our fun visits from the Sampsons!! Always good talks, food, and laughter!

We love our good friends... Kenny's school buddy Andrew that helped him put up his scout flags for Veterans day, and sweet Kelly who FEEDS my love of Lindt balls... treats during Primary and early Christmas gifts! 

Thursday, October 26, 2017

Dad's Memorial, Homecoming & Texas trips!

Fallen Warriors Memorial held a special ceremony retiring the Air Force flag and invited Mom to receive it in Dad's honor.  


Stephen & Samantha had a great time at Klein High Homecoming!




And we took a fun 4-day weekend to travel around Texas... San Antonio to see Dr. Steven the Cool Chiropractor, do family baptisms in the SA temple, Duck tour in Austin (learned interesting facts like the famous Austin bats eat 30,000lbs of insects NIGHTLY!), Dr. Pepper factory in Waco, and Great Wolf Lodge in Dallas!