Daron, Melanie, Stephen, Kassie, and Kenny

Wednesday, June 27, 2018

One year missing Dad

Our sweet neighbor Aaron Skidmore summed it up so well:  Thinking of you both today on this tender weekend and tender month where we fondly remember the lives of your parents, Joy and Stephen, who graduated life with full honors. Love your family!

 The 5 of us spent the night at Mom's house to be together and think about Dad on the 1 year mark. Yummy food, singing, lots of fun.

We spent a few hours cleaning out Dad's attic. He was so cute about stashing ALL things up there... it was HIS SPACE, so we found all kinds of gems... countless bottles, boxes, bedframes, you name it -- it was an emotional experience. Even when the first thing came down and little things fell all over the ground... we chuckled at the thought of him nearby saying, hey, that's all my stuff!!


Bless the trash guys for taking the mammoth pile. And look at this precious picture of our ward young women at camp who made rafts from Dad's jugs... they needed them for this activity, what perfect timing and how proud Dad must have been to see him jewels be used & appreciated!

The next morning we all went to the temple together. We've never gone to just do sealings as a family, and what a treat to do work for so many people, including Bill's parents' sealing!


Remembering last year  ~  Although our family didn't get to see Dad on Memorial day, we're so grateful that the day before on Sunday, they did come over to visit, and he sat with us on the couch and watched Matilda. Dad watched it with me and I'm so glad because he was so cute and he laughed with me. And then I also cut his hair that day... I asked him if he was feeling good and happy and he said yes I feel great. I wish I would have just squeezed him alot more. But how fortuitous that we all got to see him.

Some memories from our kids as we remembered Dad ~

Kenny loved his corndogs. Kas loved dad's backyard projects... Dad putting gasoline on the tree trunk then lighting it on fire. Banging rocks on driveway with hammers. Hiding colorful rocks in grass and Kas, Kristian and Stefan would go find them. Daron loved him laughing at Big Bang. And he was always so frugal, polishing off leftovers, so Daron had to be stealthy about throwing things away... Me carefully cleaning out their fridge so he wouldn't be sad. Loved his ability to relax and be happy wherever he was... Good skill to have. His hatred of Obama. Kas loved their SeaMansion dreadlock dressups. His favorite place to eat?? Anywhere with a buffet... He liked Bbq. Stephen loved watching him do his slow steady lap swimming listening to his books on tape. I most miss going over to visit them in the morning when they were still snuggled in bed and just talking. Both always so interested in everything going on in our lives. And Mom still is... she's such a cute Mom and Grandma.  Whimpettes, creamed eggs on toast, liver and onions, grilled cheese sandwiches in his toaster oven, it's fun to think about all the little food items that he liked to make.

Friends have been so kind.  Galloways and Smiths went to Dad and Joy's graves to pay tribute.  Friends sent and brought flowers.  Elea & Robert Boyd printed Memorial Temple pictures. So many sent kind messages -- this from Taryn:  I've thought about you all day today and encouraged others to reach out. Only because I wanted you to know that your hurts are still our hurts. No one could forget such a family love and bond as yours. And today I honored your dad by doing kind things for others and loving my children without criticism or effort. (Not always a normal way around here. 😉) I want you to know I love you. I pray for you. And I adore you and your beautiful mother and siblings. You guys are what I hope my children and I are when we are all older and wiser. May this day have passed with happiness and warmth, with new memories and some dear old ones. I hope it was not as heavy as it could have been and yet as memorable and honorable as all 6 of you deserve. I love you.


Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Free Chick-Fila, Chalk playtime and Kassie's first date!

"When your sister calls you late one night and says PICK ME UP AT 5AM TOMORROW SO WE CAN WIN A YEAR OF FREE CHICK-FILA!" Worth every second... a full day on a community service bus with Kas the day before our new store opened... having so much fun with the free meals!

Cute Kenny in his last violin performance... choir next year! 


Playing with the Chalks! Tiffany's beautiful JOY QUILT.

Kassie's first non-family date... sweet Peter Bikman! Target scavenger hunt and games.


Loving things we're doing... Temple, swimming, light saber games, and playing with Mom. Loved hearing her say recently: "I've figured out how to make things work."  


Monday, June 11, 2018

Stephen & Stefan party at Mormon Prom

Stephen and Stefan had a great Mormon Prom double date! They locked their keys in their car so we braved the rainstorm to drive to the dance and get him back in the car 8-)




Stephen loves Quick Quack, voting with Mom, & Daron's trip to Switzerland!


Stephen's in National Honor Society! 


Kas is officially inducted into Bearkadettes!

Stephen and McKenna at Prom!