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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Happy 9th birthday Kassie!

Kas had all her dreams come true today -- her 2 cute friends (Maureen, from school and Sariah, from church) came over today for cake, ice-cream, games, and presents. Such a fun day!

Here she is waking up to Choco-Krispies and Lindt balls!

And here she is opening 2 gifts at breakfast ~

Fun party with Sariah and Maureen, with her big cupcake cake surrounded by marshmallows and ofcourse, more Lindt balls...

The puppet theatre (from Salvation Army - love that place!) was a total hit!

AND MEMORY LANE PICTURES from Kassie's past!

Cute Kassie at 2...

 At 3...

At 4... in her dance recital with Stephen ~

At 5...

At her 6th "horsie" birthday party - bobbing for apples ~

Turning 7 ~

Getting baptized at 8!

And in other family news:  We dropped off a very important letter to Stephen's school this week, saying:

Notre matériel pédagogique homeschooling sont arrivés et nous allons commencer à enseigner à la maison maintenant Stephen. Ce vendredi 20 mai 2011, sera son dernier jour au Rocher Combe. Merci pour votre aide.

(Translation: Our homeschooling curriculum materials have arrived and we are going to begin teaching Stephen at home now. This Friday, May 20, 2011, will be his last day at Rocher Combe. Thank you for your assistance.)

Yeah, things pretty much came to a screeching halt with him being tackled under the water in his swimming class, as well as being rudely shoved in the halls and bathrooms one too many times. That plus the language, the open campus, the lack of dress code, and just the older-kid environment that was making him feel uncomfortable and frightened/bullied at times, we're done. So Monday we begin homeschooling! We're both so excited! We're going to set up a schedule together and go thru all the Sonlight materials we got. I'm actually totally excited more than I realized I would be. Thanks for keeping us in your prayers! Here are Daron and Stephen getting into the first box we received...

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  1. Oh I have tears just thinking about that. That is awful! I hope he's able to forget quickly and move on. Good for you too, Melanie. I hope homeschooling goes swimmingly!