Daron, Melanie, Stephen, Kassie, and Kenny

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

"Your affro is very appealing and fluffy"

Perhaps our favorite of Kassie's school notes she wrote to her classmates this week. Her teacher assigned them all to write personal notes to every student: "they must be genuine and heart-felt." Ahhh, just up Kassie's alley. Some other great phrases from her notes:
~ 'your presence is not taken for granted'
~ 'your mind is filled with wonderful things'
~ 'your aggression for cheer is admirable and loving'
~ 'it has come to my attention that you are incredibly smart... but even though you are intelligent, your heart is even bigger than your brain'
~ 'I am very glad that I have only so many friends, and you can be one of them...'
Sweet, sweet Kassie. The affro one was the best, and after we cracked up, we advised her that she probably shouldn't say that, and she said - 'no, you don't understand, he talks about his affro, and combs it all the time and puts things in it, and calls it his affro, and it's OK. He'll like this.'

Schmutz Family Christmas!!

Yahoo ~ cousins everywhere! This year was fun - splitting between our house for the grandkid gifts, and Mom & Dad's for a Hawaiian Luau and Santa!





Thursday, December 12, 2013


I just wonder if that's what I have, since I just ate a plate of yummy cheesy scrambled eggs and toast, and I still feel like I'm starving.  Like I didn't eat anything. This is not a good thing as we head into the holidays.

Cute Stephen went in for his 1st job interview today!! In his Professional Communications class at school, but still. Good practice for the future...

Proof that I probably have FoodAddictoManiaIsm... eating pancakes covered in chocolate syrup, compliments of the Hairs. Delicious!!

Some flowers I sent to Daron at HP

Daron visiting Gaudy's home in Barcelona ~
From some cute surprise carolers!

Callister's 3rd birthday!

Annual HP Christmas party ~ wahoo!

Sunday, December 8, 2013

Thanksgiving at the Sea Mansion!

Kassie's recent comment after school, just straight-faced: "I got this candy cane today for Kenny but accidentally karate chopped it in half.  He'll probably still want it, right?"  I just laugh at her.

 Cousin time walking Geneve in the rain

 Trying out the ice-cream before Chill opens!

And the 11th Annual Beach tradition continues... coldest year I can remember!!





Sunday, November 17, 2013

Oklahoma campout!

Lucky us, to be hosted by cute Dustin and Breanna and their 3 cute boys up in Oklahoma for a fun weekend of camping, 4-wheeler riding, outdoors exploring, and squirrel stew!!

Dead lizard corpse hanging in the shed...

Daron and Dustin braving the river...

Uncle Dustin did a great job teaching us about gun safety before we 'gave it a shot'... 8-)

And the much-anticipated squirrel stew... DELICIOUS!!

Cute Breanna making us hot chocolate...

Dustin's cleverly home-made hammock stand, holding his super fancy zip-up hammock!

Stephen's dirty duds after mudding on the 4-wheeler!