Daron, Melanie, Stephen, Kassie, and Kenny

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Love the 'Dechetterie'!

Thanks to the recycling dump where we take all our goods (because we're trying to 'go green' since Stephen and I are studying renewable and non-renewable resources and ecosystems in Social Studies), we scored! The Dechetterie is also where people take their stuff that they're done with but it's often still in great condition - like a FREE garage sale! Stephen found these 2 trophies, so he painted over the names (for art class... we're finding ways to relate everything to homeschooling!) and loves them now.

We also found these awesome lounge chairs, and luckily we were there when the nice, old, rich-looking couple dropped them off! We wiped them down and used them out on our balcony for the kids' new favorite cordon blue and salad dinner. (We love eating outside with no dreadful heat and mosquitos... something we couldn't do in Texas unless we were in our screenroom!)

And tonight we used Aunt Kassie's brilliant idea ~ since evening times can sometimes be crazy, with kids running around and often not ready to begin their nighttime routine, we just put a sticker on their shirts saying PJ's/Teeth to remind them to start the process... no "go do this! Go do that!" harping from us. They got a big kick out of reading their stickers and running right in to do it all.

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