Daron, Melanie, Stephen, Kassie, and Kenny

Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Kassie is officially a TEENAGER!

Kas has been so delightful every single day since we got her! What fun this year has been for her and Stephen to both go to Doerre middle school together... it has reminded me of when Kas and I were at Haskell together as 6th and 8th graders. Love everything about this smiley, happy girl! Love how she loves to go to the temple!


Stephen's first official day at Chill!

Love playing with Steff's new dog Rio...


Cute Dad - a regular at the Houston Temple! It makes me so proud when friends tell me how they see his ordinance names there that he's worked on... such a cute man!
Oh dear... don't know what to expect at girls camp... here's a pic from a recent Youth Leader Camp Prep mtg... one of the girls showed me these props they're apparently using in their skit... I'm scared!!

Memorial Day BBQ with the Chalks!

Cute Kenny gets his next belt! And here he is singing the Periodic Tables Song he's memorizing:

Love Stephen and the good things he's doing -- just got permission to start his Eagle Scout Project, cementing a 75 ft walkway to a local park. And he cherished the experience of carrying his baby around for a week for Home Ec class!


Kenny is double digits!

Can't believe he's 10... it seems like he was just born! Fun boy, fun party.

Daron visiting his favorite place on earth (besides home and the temple) 8-) on an HP trip... Lauterbrunnen, Switzerland!!

Stephen nominated for Outstanding 8th Grade boy of year!

Making his morning announcements at school

Kassie for the 6th Grade Honor Roll! What a cutie. I asked her how school was recently, and she said, oh it's good. Today was funny. A boy came up to me after class, put his hand on my shoulder, and said, "Kassie. I just have to tell you. I think you are so hot."  And then he walked out of the class! I said, wait, what did you say? She said, oh, I just smiled and said, well thanks! Hilarious!

Happy 70th birthday Mom -- so fun! Surprise Swedish quilt from Master Seamstress Tiff, Fogo lunch with the family, and recording our 2nd CD for Mom!


Sure love Savannah...

Teaching YPT class and hosting YW Senior Graduation Dinner