Daron, Melanie, Stephen, Kassie, and Kenny

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Let the games begin!

Every year the cute town of Crassier gets together for an all-day gymnastics gymboree type 'track-and-field' event - the kids taking any sports classes from the town gym compete in events and the dancers perform. So here we are bright and early at 9am... stayed all the way thru til 2:30 just watching, lunching, hanging out and playing with all our fellow Crassier townsfolk!

Here's Kenny warming up with all his cute classmates...

And Stephen competing in the obstacle course ~

Kenny loves doing the gym moves!

Kassie was the cutest dancer out there! I was so impressed that after just joining the class for 3 months, she confidently just went out there and did it! We videoed the whole dance number - it's at

Stephen got first place in both the shotput throw and the running race, but total scores put him at 4th overall. He was happy, but bummed he didn't end up with the 'trophy' for overall first. But all participants got cool gifts.

Kenny made overall 2nd place - he was HILARIOUS up there on the 'Olympic' stand getting his medal. (Watch for when he blows a kiss to everyone...)

All 3 kids fell asleep in NO time... they each got a fun gift for doing such a great job today - Stephen and Kenny both got chocolate and candy, but Kassie LOVES her animals, so she got this new one and just DIED over his huge eyes. Honestly, she was so cute tucking him into his 'sleeping bag' with his lollipop. (The kitchen handtowels here are sewn up on one end so they're like a mitt, which worked perfectly for the sleeping bag. He's asleep here in the doggie bed she bought with her own merit money for all her babies.) 8-)

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  1. Kassie,
    You did a great job on your dance. Your whole family did great! I REALLY miss you. I wish we could all play at the park again. Did you know we are moving to Utah? I hope you have a good week and are you done with school for the summer?
    Love your friend,