Daron, Melanie, Stephen, Kassie, and Kenny

Monday, May 20, 2013

Kassie is 11, and fun music recital!

Pure love for little Kassie all through these 11 years!! So much personality!!



And if we'd been reading the signs, she's wanted to play the guitar for a long time!!


And from our recital a few years ago...
to our recital 2013!

And life's short -- so throw a bday party for 30 girls!!

FHE lesson about Noah going out into the ark. Geneve was Noah, and we couldn't find any other animals to join her. But still a great lesson. AH-AH-AH-AHA-HA!

And a cute compliment Kenny got from a good friend, who's daughter was chatting with Kenny recently ~ "She said that she asked him how his new red glasses were working out for him and where he got them....He replies, but does exactly what he has been taught by his parents and grandparents....."They are working out great thank you....I got them at XYZ place....Where did you get yours?"  We were SO impressed that he answered, then asked questions in return.....Fabulous for such a young one to learn.....I LOVE it when children and teenagers know that it isn't all about them."

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Great to be 8!

"Seedlings turn overnight to sunflowers... blossoming even as we gaze" -- that's how fast it seems! Kenny was just a baby and now he's 8 and about to be baptized! We've enjoyed every step of the way, and look forward to many more good times ahead with him.
From this...
to this...
To this!
Bowling ~
His first drum lesson - he loves it!
Slumber party with his buddy Maxwell
Swimming at Grandma's gym pool ~
And how fun to share his actual birthday with Mother's Day!

Sunday, May 5, 2013

Birthdays, Sundays, and days in between...

So fun to be 41! From the kids bringing me breakfast in bed (that pic won't be going on the blog), to the cute gifts that thoughtful people unexpectedly dropped off, to family dinner with my best friends... it was great fun from start to finish!

Going to a post-baby check-up with Steff downtown... a necessary stop at Star Pizza and 59 Diner...

Kenny loves his new red/white/blue glasses! I cried in the doctor's office when he couldn't read the numbers and letters - it was like a flashback to 32 years ago when mom cried in the office when I couldn't read the big huge E. Now we all 5 wear glasses or contacts... crazy. 

Stephen advances to First class -- about 1.5 years left to Eagle!

TP-ing the Bishop's home at midnight with Emily, my Laurel advisor...
YW Spa night

Me forcing Stephen to pose by my breath-taking hollyhock plants...

Hosting lovely little Kerrigan on one of her first outings to our home -

Daron made me proud today, participating in my YW lesson on prophets. He jovially donned the Joseph robe and entertained the girls with his stories... good times. At least the girls will always remember me for the laughs and treats. 8-)

Food for thought:
- Kassie, on the way to school: "If I could be anything, I would be a world waitress, and serve everyone." Random, but sweet.
- Kenny, one morning after I thanked him for helping me set the table: "You're welcome mom. And when I have my birthday cake, I'll let everyone put their finger in the middle to taste it first."  I won't want to eat that cake afterwards.
- Stephen was excited to take goodies to his quorum today; he brought them snickers bars that said "we'll have lots of snickers together; I'm excited to be your new Deacons President!" They were all very, very happy. 8-)