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Saturday, April 30, 2011

The HISTORIC Schmutz Farm in Bern!

Wow - a dream come true today! We got to visit the centuries-old SCHMUTZ FARM! Generations of Schmutz ancestors have come from Vechigen, Switzerland, and we've heard about this farmhouse that's still there, so after Dad checked his genealogy, pulled up the village and street names, we plugged it all into the GPS and drove STRAIGHT THERE!

(A stop at the temple first...)
Look at Dad - so proud of this darling old Schmutz farm! We're so glad we found it!

Cute "Fritz", who still lives here ~ his grandfather bought the farm from Anthoni Schmutz, who was my Dad's great-great-great-great Grandfather!

Fritz's family gave us a tour around the farm...

Mom and Dad loved the baby goats...

And here's Dad pointing to the wooden sign in the barn that says "Schmutz" - it dates back to 1500. Unreal!

They let us into their kitchen to see the iron stove that Anthoni Schmutz built 180 years ago... you can see the date 1830 and his initials (AS) in the white stove. (They just painted it, which is why it doesn't look as old as it is)
What a blessing to participate in seeing this part of our family's history - a legacy of generations of Schmutz's have LIVED in this beautiful valley and listened to these cowbells chime for so long. Like Dad, I'm so grateful for each of them, to be their descendant, and to now have walked where they have been walking for centuries!


  1. ok. so not sure why But I got all teary eyed reading this and thinking about the importance of family history work! Thank you again for a great post

  2. What fun to see you and your sweetheart, your daughter and her beautiful family, and WHAT A TRIP. How neat to see where your ancestors lived.
    Thanks for sharing.
    I saw that you are in St. George. We're in the process of moving back to Las Vegas, so we might be able to visit with you in 2014. Looking forward to it.
    Love you, cousin Sharon.

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