Daron, Melanie, Stephen, Kassie, and Kenny

Thursday, February 19, 2015

The Chalk family comes to play!

We loved hosting Daron's siblings/families and parents recently... swimming, eating, playing, talking, gaming, not sleeping, more eating, fishing, hammocking, rip-sticking -- what FUN!!

The cooking and laundry never stopped!!






Quite the "shockingly" fun new game from Mark & Shelley!!




New adventures each day...

I got a glimpse recently of what heaven will be like... I met Mom, Jenny, Kassie, and Stephanie at the temple to do a session together. I was the last one to arrive, and when I walked into the dressing room, all 4 of them were standing there in white, waiting for me. It actually took my breath away to see them there, with their cute happy smiles. What a blessing to have great family.

The boys love doing scouting activities! 

When did Kenny get so tall? Here's his 3rd grade school pic. He got to put a warm fuzzy in the primary jar, and said "I made my mom breakfast"
 Love this girl! Here she's enjoying some surprise flowers someone dropped off to her with a note saying "Kassie, you're GORGEOUS!"  She's a cutie. We were talking about food recently, and she said, 'So what is a brisket? Is it like a biscuit but meaty?'