Daron, Melanie, Stephen, Kassie, and Kenny

Monday, May 16, 2011

Cute playmates...

You've gotta love those friends who come over bearing gifts... like a HUGE BOX OF FRIGOR CHOCOLATE! We already loved Geronimo and Raphael (cute kids from our village), but hey - this really put them in a special spot in our hearts. 8-)  They have the cutest accents.
So Geronimo is Stephen's age - speaks lovely French, Italian, and English, and is just the sweetest boy. He adores his younger sister Raffy, who's a little twirling princess - Kenny loved playing with her. I think she reminded him of Skye. She told him all kinds of stories about when they went on vacation to Morocco and Spain. Unreal, these international kids. Their dad Gareth (from Wales) was a professional Rugby player for Switzerland for years. He invited Daron to come 'practice with the guys'. You should've seen Daron's face. 8-) Just so cool to meet these kinds of unique people.

Their mother, Samantha, brought them over and we chatted - I have NEVER. She is hilarious, and had the craziest stories to tell. Like how her mom wanted to have lifetime airline miles so after she went into labor with Samantha, she bought a plane ticket and got on a 10-hour flight hoping she'd have the baby in the air. She DIDN'T, and had her right after the plane landed, so she was always mad at the arlines. Samantha wanted to name her daughter Andromeda, until her hubby told her it meant "Mother of all Whores"; she still wanted to name her that, but her hubby put his foot down, so they opted for Raphael. Just on and on with funny thing after funny thing. We kept the kids a few hours and baked banana bread and had chicken fried rice for dinner, before the kids all left for their classes (gymnastics and hip-hop).

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