Daron, Melanie, Stephen, Kassie, and Kenny

Friday, May 6, 2011

HP tour and swim class

We had fun taking Dad in for a tour of Daron's HP office in Meyrin, right outside Geneva - Dad's always so cute, appreciating everything. The building is beautiful, and of course we love the free hot chocolate.  This is such a great experience for us - and Daron is loving his job and all his new co-workers.

Today was a big day for our family... we purchased the 5th grade homeschooling curriculum for Stephen for this fall! We're excited to give this a try - we've heard such great things about the Sonlight program.  And I'm looking forward to having my buddy home with me, and learning with him. We figure this will be the only chance we'll have to do something like this -- since we're happy with Texas schools and he'll get back into them when we return, yet while we're here, we can have him take advantage of all the fun things this beautiful country has to offer. We're totally excited about the field trips... 8-)  Today we went to watch Stephen swim at his class in school ~ Mom's comment here about not liking the school stems from some of the issues we've had with it. Nice teachers, but that's about it - lots of foul language, older high-school students, and no adult supervision outside at breaktime. Just to name a few. But great swimming class! 8-)

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