Daron, Melanie, Stephen, Kassie, and Kenny

Friday, June 3, 2016

Kas turns 14, ShaDingerEl Day, & END of school year!

It feels like Kas was just born... how did she grow up so fast? When Bishop Fike brought her up to the podium in Sac. Mtg to transition her from Beehive to Miamaid, he hugged her and said what a wonderful young lady she is... and that she's REALLY READY to be 14... so true! She dances and sings around the house non-stop, it's so adorable! Fun day celebrating with her from morn til night, including visits from her YW Pres and late night cousins!

One of life's highlights: getting Stephen's Patriarchal Blessing! Visiting with this precious man Patriarch Elmer for almost 4 hours. One of my favorite things he said to us, "Stephen is an amazing young man ~ he is choice. He was chosen, and he CHOSE to be chosen!"  So sweet. He's doing good things ~ leading scout meetings, dating, power washing trashcans for Philmont $... Tiffany said it well. I often look at my kids and think, it's an honor to be the parents to these amazing youth.

It was a treat to homeschool Kenny this year. Hopefully he learned what 4th graders are supposed to know, but more importantly we had invaluable bonding time together for a year. He has a delightful, sweet personality and I loved getting to see that up close with just the 2 of us spending time together. Some funny things he said recently ~ reading scriptures at a sleepover and Boyds, "Everyone knows that you don't put both arms above your head during a battle unless you're going to deliver a death blow." Um, OK. And driving in the car with Callister, he was telling Cal about how phones ruin your brain: "Callister, you can choose the easy wrong or the harder right. President Monson said that."  And when he chatted with Grandma & Cal about his bday and how he got some Target gift cards, Grandma said oh that's a yucky store because of their gender neutral policies, then Cal said what are you taking about? Kenny said Grandma, let me explain it to him. So he told Cal about the bathrooms being made boy/girl and the creeper problems they're having, etc. Good to know this chit chat we do all the time sinks in!! We'll miss the cousin sleepovers...

Such fun celebrating ShaDingerEl Day... (Shannon/Daron/Inger/Michael's bdays)

Our doggies are enjoying each other. Constant play (and nap) time together with Geneve and Honey!  https://youtu.be/s-wXsPgNgAs

And Kas is now an 8th Grader... making the Honor Roll!