Daron, Melanie, Stephen, Kassie, and Kenny

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

"Let them eat CAKE!"

What more appropriate way to start Kenny's 6th birthday morning than with cake?!?? We're so glad that we've had 6 wonderful years with our cute little Kenny-Boo! The whole night before, he just kept squealing in his bed... "I can't believe I'm finally having my birthday tomorrow!" It's so fun to see his childlike excitement -- it's a great reminder of why we're all supposed to be like kids - and LAUGH and be happy so much everyday.

Kenny woke up so excited about his birthday cake (with his favorites: pretzels & a fruit-roll-up...)

Opening the gifts...

He got to do a treasure hunt to find his big gift - the train!

Mac and cheese with cake and watermelon, and Kassie's namecards she made ~

Getting in the elevator for school to take cookies to his classmates!

His sweet teacher Madame Gianina

Then home at lunchtime to play trains again...

Topping it off tonight with one of his favorite activities - getting 'automatic' ice-cream cones at IKEA!

The best part is realizing we've enjoyed every bit of the journey between then and now... here's a glimpse at how it all happened just 6 short years ago... going into the hospital ~

My silly siblings fighting over who should sing to my stomach next... (that was my favorite part of childbirth for all 3 of my kids - being surrounded by all my best friends - Daron, my parents, and my siblings) 

That moment that is unlike ANY other, when we get to see and hold him for the first time ~

Then leaving the hospital as a new family of 5!

FUN everyday since then... here he is at 1 ~

 And 2...

Then 3...

Then 4...

 Then 5...

And 5 1/2, dancing in the big tap recital with brother, sister, Grandpa, and cousins!

Happy Birthday Kenny!

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