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Monday, November 28, 2011

Get out and play!

The kids loved starting their Christmas advent calendars today... eating the first chocolate, since our countdown is now on day 24 for when we return to Texas! Yahoo!
I love reading things that re-inspire me to re-discover things that I should always re-member!!! I just came across this great advice for parents to let their kids 'get out and play'... something we all used to do for HOURS when we were kids (one of my favorite memories was climbing 'Danny's Tree' in our neighbor's backyard, which arched over a river -- I don't think my kids have done anything like that!).  Now, kids' time is so 'scheduled' - with dinner and lessons and homework and bathtime... where do we fit in playtime? If we don't, it's not good for them (or for us).


And I love this woman's gems of advice too:

My sister recently called my daughter Kassie 'unflappable.'  I love that description of her. If she were a cake, I think this is what she'd look like. Just full of fun colors, sugary frosting, and lots of happy marshmallows. She reminds me to take life slowly. Because this life is all we have.

photoparadise: Weheartit

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