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Thursday, November 10, 2011

Field Trip to Texas cattle ranches!

Today, Stephen and Sterling and I took a field trip to the Texas cattle ranches... figuratively speaking, of course. 8-) This movie 'Temple Grandin' has been so highly recommended to me, we finally watched it. I'm so glad we did! EVERYONE should see this movie ("true story of an autistic woman who became an unlikely hero to America's cattle industry--and to autistic people everywhere") Claire's performance is unbelievably amazing, and the story is just heart-warming... I cried several times, and the boys got teary. It was terrific fodder for conversation ~the story reminded me of one of my favorite quotes: "God himself does not judge us until the end of our days... why should we?" An amazing story of perseverence and love.

So then we went out and checked on our cute Crassier cows. I can't look at them the same way now. They're more like friends. 8-)

Mike and Kas ~ here's proof that Sterl did go running with me while here!

Stopping to admire the little carts set up by the roadside with wares for sale... here are 'courges' (pumpkins) for 2 francs per kilo. Honor system: you see here the pumpkin and the payment box for you to drop in your money. Love it.

We loved hosting Kassie's friend Natalie for lunch (spaghetti carbonara and ice-cream) and some great rounds of Screwy-Louis card-playing!

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