Daron, Melanie, Stephen, Kassie, and Kenny

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Camping in Lauterbrunnen!

Our final weekend fling with Sterling… off to camp in Lauterbrunnen! 2½ hours away, 72 waterfalls, sleeping in a cabin instead of a tent this time… a perfect getaway.  Highlights:
-          having the campsite to ourselves at this relatively quiet time of year (after summer, before ski season…)
-          drinking hot chocolate and playing cards in the lodge by the fire
-          riding the cablecar up the mountain
-          taking Stephen during the night to the town doctor to get stitches on his forehead after he bashed open a huge cut when playing on the rocks in the park. Super-duper fun twist of events. But what a humbling, faith-promoting experience: Sterling gathered the 2 kids around to pray right as Daron drove off with Stephen, and said a sweet prayer for him ~ and incredibly, Daron and Stephen returned within 20 minutes! The doctor had gotten the call from the campsite frontdesk lady helping us, then he met our boys at his office, cleaned the wound, and stitched it up in no time. I thought for sure it would be an all-night adventure. But we had plenty of time for card-playing when they returned. Amazing.


Riding the cablecar up!

And then we found these cute mountain goats...

Our campsite has the COOLEST kitchen... we made our spaghetti carbonera and hot chocolate here.

Note Steebie's special stitches... he had to do his "lick-em-and-stick-em" card round a bit differently...

We had the whole lodge to ourselves!

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