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Sunday, November 20, 2011

'Choosing friends wisely' lesson

Our good friends, the missionaries, gave us a GREAT Family Home Evening lesson tonight about choosing friends wisely. They are such wonderful examples to our kids of how missionaries should be: friendly, dynamic, creative, and passionate about spreading the gospel. They brought us a pan of homemade tiramisu dessert, and used 2 pieces as their object lesson. One symbolized our 'good' friends (which got topped with yummy things like caramel and oreos) and the other was 'bad' friends, which to the kids' great amusement, got topped with vinegar, mustard, and raw eggs. Learning can be so much fun when we put a little creativity into it!

They huddle to reinforce the idea of friends supporting each other ~

Here's the end result:

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  1. I loved this! Thank you so much for sharing!