Daron, Melanie, Stephen, Kassie, and Kenny

Friday, November 4, 2011

A freezing swim and Cailler Chocolate... again!

Crazy Texan jumping in French lake!

And later at the Cailler Factory... for the 3rd time!

 (Kenny fell asleep on the way there...)

Our experience here was again lovely, and yet different this time... we had a Swiss Chocolate Guard to watch us in the "Eat-Yourself-Sick" Room! You can see her on the left -- eyeing us as we gorge. And who can blame her? Check us out, with our huge trenchcoats, looking like thieving American tourists ready to empty every plate of chocolate into our pockets. Terrible. And yet so delicious. No shame - - even with her piercing eyeballs. We paid our entrance fee. 8-)

We can't even speak. Our mouths are too busy.

One hand in the mouth, one hand cleverly placing more chocolates into the pocket...

Counting the loot...

I love this girl... here she is yesterday heading off to horse-riding class, wearing her horsie necklace.

Sterling cuts open a coing (pronounced "kwa") ... a fruit new to all of us...

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