Daron, Melanie, Stephen, Kassie, and Kenny

Thursday, August 18, 2011

A Sunny Scottish Sabbath

The greatest thing about the Latter-Day Saint church is that it’s totally universal – walking into a ward building in Texas feels the same as walking into one in Geneva or Scotland – the people, the doctrine, the Spirit – it’s the same. It’s just wonderful.  We met kind people and heard amazing thoughts that were shared. One man talked about his responsibilities as the father in his home – he said he’s not perfect, but he does have 5 invisible pedestals in his house – one for his wife, and 4 for his children, since he adores them all. It was so precious. And one woman talked about how much she wants to be married but it hasn’t happened yet – and she’ll just keep being the best person she can be until God blesses her with that – even if it’s in heaven.  The whole day was a good reminder of the importance of how each of us is a child of God and how He knows each of us and our needs.

We packed picnic food and drove out to the Scottish highlands (oh my gosh – how cool does that sound?? Just like we’re in the movie Brigadoon…) after church to the lovely town of Stirling, to see the 2nd most visited castle in Scotland there.  The kids are posing here by the Scottish patriot William Wallace statue.

Cute Kassie at the inner court of the castle by the gardens…

King Daron and Queen Melanie…

Then, since the Loch Ness is 8 hours away, we settled for driving just an hour to Loch Lomand… lovely.

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