Daron, Melanie, Stephen, Kassie, and Kenny

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Enjoying the last 11 days of summer!

Finally, after anxiously waiting 2 months for the birthday package his mom sent (slow mail!) ... Daron happily tore into his gift and already ate HALF of the bag of his favorite homemade treats before I could take the pic! Dehydrated banana chips - yum. Plus the ranch. Joy - you're a star. 8-)

This has been a great week for gifts... the kids loved their light-up glasses from Grandma Inger and Papa!

And how sweet... Kenny's new teacher sent him a handwritten note welcoming him into her 1st grade class. I can't believe he's already in 1st grade. And he'll do it in French! I was in a Spanish immersion program in California when I was Kenny's age - I'm so glad he'll have this opportunity.

We've made some very good friends this summer... and we're so sad that the Lybberts are leaving! The kids love Hannah and Rockwell - we're hoping for some future marriages out of the friendship. 8-) We enjoyed hosting their family for dinner - it's so great to sit and talk with educated, fun, 'with it' people. So, cute 7-yr-old Rockwell selflessly bequeathed his homemade DS game (made from a cardboard box) to Kassie... this morning I woke up to find Kas and Kenny feverishly playing on it. I mean, they were going for so long before I even got out the camera. I LOVE it -- we all spend way too much time on our electronic gadgets... creative imaginative play is so refreshing! Thanks Rockwell! 8-)

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