Daron, Melanie, Stephen, Kassie, and Kenny

Thursday, August 18, 2011

THE EDINBURGH CASTLE and “The Fringe International Festival”

The whole town of Edinburgh (Scotland’s capitol) is magical, particularly the town’s top attraction – the Castle, which majestically sits on top of a DORMANT VOLCANO formed 350 million years ago – definitely shouldn’t have told Kenny that before bedtime! (He’s quite afraid of explosive things…) The castle has crown jewels, a war memorial, and a huge cannon that they fired while we were up there, which scared the bajeebers out of Daron. (Ok, we all jumped).

We were lucky enough to be here during the month of August, which is when Edinburgh hosts their annual 'Fringe Festival'.  The Royal Mile (the street full of vendors and shops going out from the castle) absolutely COMES ALIVE with performers and crazies of all kinds! It was SO FUN to watch all the commotion – kind of like the Texas Renaissance Festival. We loved the bagpipe players! We got fish and chips and just planted ourselves by some performers. 

Stephen and Kas got to paint and keep some 'Lord of the Ring' game pieces for free in a Games Shop. 

And another ‘first’ – Kenny is now so accustomed to greeting people in French; so when he saw this dog he wanted to ask the girl if he could pet it, I said sure, so he turned to her and said “es-que je pu caresse lu chien?” And she just stared at him and said, 'what?' So he repeated it in French, and I just stood there laughing – finally I told him that she speaks English, like everyone does in Scotland. Hilarious. Then he did it again back in the hotel – he met a cute little boy his age in the lobby and I said – ask him his name! So he turned over and said “como t’appele tu?” The kid just looked at him and didn’t say anything, so he repeated it again in French. I love it.

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