Daron, Melanie, Stephen, Kassie, and Kenny

Thursday, August 18, 2011


We were so excited to head off for another big summer vacation! 9 days of London and Scotland… here we are leaving Crassier ~ with all our stuff fitting into 4 roller bags and 1 backpack! 
We got to experience lots of ‘firsts’ on this trip… the first 'first' was taking a bus, a train, and a plane ALL IN ONE DAY!  By the time we got to our awesome Courtyard hotel at 10:30PM that night… we fell in bed and were ready for our one day in London the next day.
We hopped on a red double-decker tour bus and saw EVERYTHING! The kids loved their plastic rain-ponchos…

We loved the National Science Museum, where we got to learn about earthquakes and taste dehydrated astronaut ice-cream! Plus the outside walls still have the bomb damage from WW2…

Next stop: Trafalgar Square!  (It looked a bit different from 12 years ago when Daron and I came with Stephanie on our Globus tour…)
"Living" Wall art!

Then a drive on the Tower Bridge (often thought to be the London Bridge, but that’s a bit further down the Thames River).  The guide pointed out the spot right near the bridge where the pilgrim ship Mayflower ship departed for America many hundreds of years ago… wow! (We also saw Plymouth Rock where they landed… on our Boston/Prince Edward Island trip 8 years ago)

The “London Eye”, the tallest observation wheel in the world, built in 2000 for the Millennial Celebrations. It brings in so much $ now that it’s a permanent fixture in town.

The Tower of London…  it used to house the political prisoners. They had countless beheadings here, including the great Scottish patriot William Wallace (who Mel Gibson portrayed in ‘Braveheart.’)
Here’s Stephen by the St. Stephen’s tower, which holds the famous BIG BEN clock!
Westminster Abbey…
And ofcourse, Harry Potter's Platform 9 3/4 at King's Cross Train Station to get to Hogwarts...

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