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Saturday, July 9, 2011

We love Saturdays!

Popsicles for breakfast...

And Kung Fu Panda 2 for lunch!
(Our first European movie-going experience... and for the small fee of $100! Yikes! That's just the entrance fee...)

We watched this together for our morning devotional: (http://lds.org/pages/watch-your-step?lang=eng).  I like how they put the 2 paths side by side.  The kids all said – “it’s like the Friend story from last month called Crash and Tell!"  (A good story about a boy who learned from his mom that when he accidentally saw bad internet pictures, he should power off his computer and tell an adult what happened.)

We came across a great list of summer activities... I wish I had a yard to put a hammock in to do the first 2!
Swing in a Hammock: Snuggle close to your child, and sway the afternoon away.
Do Yard Work Together
Play Dress-Up
Build a Secret Fort outside: Stay up chasing fireflies and listening to "night sounds."
Go on a Bug Safari: Marvel at an ant carrying an oversize crumb.
Chalk it Up: Use the glow-in-the-dark sidewalk chalk so you and your child can glimpse your artwork from the window at bedtime.
Make Beautiful Music: Spread a blanket in the backyard for a stage. Invite kids to bring their instruments and perform -- even your littlest musicians can join in using pots, wooden spoons, and shakers. Set up lawn chairs for the audience, and cheer your little stars.
Dance in the Rain: Surprise your kids by taking them outside during a gentle summer shower. Dance in swimsuits, catch raindrops in your mouth, and jump in all the puddles.

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