Daron, Melanie, Stephen, Kassie, and Kenny

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Being Primary Chorister!

I'm so excited about my new church job! I realized that there isn't another calling in the church that I could have where I could be with all THREE of my kids at the same time, except for this one! I'm so excited to get to lead the music in Primary - especially as this is Stephen's last year to be in there before he graduates and goes onto Young Mens when he's 12. It brought a tear to my eye when I put Stephen to bed and told him that not long ago he was JUST Kenny's age and size, and now he's 11 and it's just not fair... time absolutely goes too fast. But what a treat to have this last few months with him before he graduates. Stephen's such a cute boy - he came out and took this picture of me after my run this evening - I got caught in a downpour -- it started raining halfway thru my run, so I just enjoyed getting wet!

Tonight the kids had A VERY EXCITING SURPRISE... Aunt Jenny and her gang sent us a package!  And there's nothing more exciting than getting mail from America... we love you, Law Family!

When I tucked Kenny in bed tonight, he said, "You are so lucky."  When I said why, he said "because you have kids to snaggle with (that's how he says 'snuggle') and lots of friends that love you." It was pretty cute and spontaneous. And a good reminder about how kids soak up whatever we tell them -- Daron and I are often reminding the kids about how blessed they are - not just to be here in this amazing country having these incredible experiences, but just to simply have healthy bodies that can walk and see and hear. So I'm glad they seem to be internalizing that.

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