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Sunday, July 31, 2011

Monaco, Monaco

Yes, this is a city-country, just like Vatican City, Rome. In fact, this is the world's 2nd smallest (area of only .76 sq. miles), and most densely populated country; it has the world's highest life expectancy (almost 90 yrs) and lowest unemployment rate! This was a fun place to explore – we took the Petit Train around to see everything, and even drove on part of the road/track that’s used in the annual world-famous Formula One Grand Prix Race in Monaco. (No, Inger, that's not related to your favorite hotel chain...) This was particularly fun for Daron and me, since we came here to Monaco 12 years ago on a Globus trip with Feffer. We just barely missed seeing the changing of the guard outside Prince Albert’s palace, but it was still beautiful to see.

Here's the famous Monte Carlo Casino we stopped to see - the wikipedia pic looks better than the ones I took...

Steff, this video is TOTALLY for you - do you remember walking up and down these steps to get to the castle?? It was so fun to do it again and remember the 3 of us huffing and puffing up these together!

After leaving Monaco, we drove home through Italy - Daron's first time to be in that country since we got here! But it was the kids' and my 2nd time - we drove thru the Mont Blanc tunnel a few months ago with Steff and Christopher when they visited. So we enjoyed going back again to see the cute town of Chamonix in the summer - it's ADORABLE! Totally reminded us of Lake Tahoe, California or Gatlinburg, Tennessee. We decided we'll be returning to spend more time there next month for sure...

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