Daron, Melanie, Stephen, Kassie, and Kenny

Sunday, July 31, 2011

Cannes, France

Well, we weren’t there for the International Film Festival, but we DID get to stay in the JW Marriott on the French Riviera in Cannes on the day of the International Fireworks Competition! One of our favorite memories BY FAR – sitting on the beach of the French Riviera looking out over the Mediterranean at 10PM watching the most incredible fireworks display ever!  The hotel itself was our 2nd favorite we’ve ever stayed in, right after the New York Times Square Marriott (with the thick bacon slices and incredible workout center).  This Cannes Marriott had stitched leather walls, sleek black/white décor, and a fancy pool on the roof!

So here are the kids, on their first time to swim in the Mediterranean Ocean. Simply gorgeous – we had to steer the kids past the naked women basking on the beach… but we quickly distracted them with ice-cream, pizza, and all the fancy cars and rich people.

THE yummiest pizza ever! Plus just the greatest little hot-spot in town... open air pizza place right by the Famous Cannes Film Festival building, the marina with all the bazillionaire's yachts, and prime people-watching location... AMAZING the things people wear around town! Girls' heels higher than anything I'd ever seen. This was like Europe's Hollywood.

Enjoying (virgin) Pina Coladas – Daron got 2 free drinks because we used his travel points to book the hotel – I guess we’re VIP’s… 8-)

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