Daron, Melanie, Stephen, Kassie, and Kenny

Monday, July 4, 2011

HAPPY 4th of JULY!

What a fun day! We watched youtube firework shows on the laptop while eating our whip cream/twizzler/blueberry flag cake for breakfast. Reminiscing on past July 4th celebrations... last year at Mark and Shelley's in Utah; before that, hosting the big Flower Mist Court cul-de-sac parties. So many years of good times. Then Kenny and I hit the weights together...

And Kas will always remember her first Independence Day in Switzerland - she had her first private horse-riding lesson! (I love her outfit, with the riding hat, and the personalized "Kassie" shirt from Aunt Kassie!)

Showing off the horse "Irish Lucky" and her teacher, Auro (cute grown woman with legs as TINY AS KASSIE'S! Hello, how is that???) She speaks the whole lesson in French and only translates if Kas doesn't understand something.

Doing the dirty work... cleaning off the bridle. I asked her if she was tired, or how she felt after the lesson - she said, with a side-ways glance as she was cleaning off her boots, "I felt like I was awesome." I love how she's a tomboy and a super-star all wrapped up in one. 8-)

We ended the day with a movie night - watching "National Treasure 2" projected on the wall. Then off to bed, reminding the kids that "Freedom is not free"... a good thing to always remember, and to help keep us humble and grateful.

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  1. How WONDERFUL, that Kassie finally was able to get an open slot at the horsie place. When we visited the stables to watch those little girls ride the horses, I was sure that they would never have a place for our KassieWassie. I am so so glad that I was wrong! Later ... LOVE ... xoxoxo ... PAPA/DAD