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Friday, April 22, 2011

Fun 39th birthday!

What a blessing to celebrate another year alive with my family all around me. I have so much to be thankful for! It would only be made better by my siblings and their families here too. But it's great to have Mom and Dad here. So many people sent Facebook notices - it's very sweet and humbling.

The day started with an early morning bikeride with Daron up into the Swiss mountains ~
While Mom and Dad stayed home and watched the kids and made yummy squash casserole...

Then back home to open fun gifts... (and still so grateful for those given me in advance before I left... I wore my pearl/diamond jewelry today given to me 3 months ago by Steff, Sterl, and Mom)...
Then enjoying my fresh strawberry pastry birthday cake...

Then squishing into our car... thank heavens it holds 7 people...

And driving into Old Town Geneva to explore the beautiful old part of town!

Then we enjoyed one of the yummiest meals EVER... a cute cobblestone sidewalk cafe called "Spaghetti Factory" ~

Here's a video of lunch... watch the cute little birds swoop down and fly off with bits of the napkins for their nests!

Then driving around cute villages on our way back to our Crassier village -- stopping to fill water bottles at the public water 'trough' - every village has one and they're all decorated now for "Paques" - Easter!  Then home to watch Netflix movies projected on the wall.

And finally, perhaps my FAVORITE video to post yet - as I sat here at the table, I looked up and this is what I saw: Dad watching some comedy clip - look how he can't breathe when he laughs ~

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