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Sunday, April 24, 2011

Joyeuses Pâques! (Happy Easter!)

What a wonderful day - Easter is always such a relaxing, happy, uplifting holiday.  We woke up and Dad read the "He is not here... He is risen!" scripture story to us from the Bible, and the kids enjoyed hearing that. It's hard to comprehend that we created these cute little unique people withe their precious little minds... Kenny commented this morning when we watched a video about the crucifixion, that Jesus' crown of thorns must have been the most painful of all, then he prayed that the thorns wouldn't hurt Jesus so much.  It's so neat to have my kids' grandparents here ~ my children get to hear about what they did as children on Easter, how they lived... their traditions. Mom told us about how every year she got a colored chick - like these (below). Now of course our children are looking forward to picking out their own baby chickens next Easter... (we'll see about that)...

Colored E...  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4ErdqeOvjL0

Two women brought me so much joy today -- Mom and Allison!

Mom came into my Sunbeam class and helped me teach it (we colored and sang songs and did creative movement games - Mom was so loving and adorable to the cute little kids, trying to speak French to them - what a great woman). And Allison, my Young Ambassador friend and such a great Primary President, did an amazing job with the children, singing and doing bells. Kenny was especially thrilled when she chose him to do the xylophone:

I read a very insightful Ensign article this week that gave me a new perspective on Jesus. In His moment of greatest agony on the cross, when He said "O God, where art Thou?", I have always found that so sad because it seems like He felt like He was being left all alone. But this article talked about how Jesus was actually, in his last dying moments, teaching us. That phrase is actually a quote from Psalm 22! I never even considered that. The Psalm, which starts out with that question, goes on to express a profound trust in God that He will NOT forsake us, and it even goes on to prophecy of the Savior's suffering on the cross. So even though Jesus only quoted the first verse, if we know the rest of the psalm, we understand that Jesus was not only fulfilling that prophecy, but that He was declaring that He knew that God was there with Him.  It was a very powerful realization for me. What an inconceivably selfless, loving man Jesus is.

I took Mom and Dad shopping in France yesterday and Mom got this beautiful new outfit - Kassie especially loves the sparkly scarf.  She just wanted some lovely new European duds, and we found just the right thing. 8-)

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