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Monday, April 25, 2011

Chocolate Factory (again!) and Cheese Factory!

I mean, what could make a more fun day?? Returning to the Cailler chocolate factory with mom and dad, seeing the most beautiful Sound-of-Music-like countryside, and also touring the Gruyere Cheese Factory.  I'll always treasure the memories of Mom and Dad stuffing their fanny packs with chocolates.

And voila... the chocolate room ~ here's Mom and Dad's conversation while standing at this sample plate...

Inger: "My favorites are the truffles and the coffee flavored ones."
Stephen: "The coffee ones tickle my throw-up buds."

Look at Dad's technique. He would be a perfect pilferer ~

Then, on to The Gruyere Cheese Factory, in the cute little medieval town which has been producing the special gruyere cheese for centuries here. (The cheese's flavors come from the flavors in the milk ~ 75 different scents have been detected by scientists in the cheese -- all coming from the different plants, grasses, and flowers that the Swiss cows graze on in these mountains.)

Watching them move the milk from the huge vat into the molds...

The special, special Swiss cows... 8-)

And the rows and rows of cheese rounds that are stored for up to 15 months to achieve different aging qualities...
We decided this day of activities needs to be a must for all visitors. 

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