Daron, Melanie, Stephen, Kassie, and Kenny

Saturday, April 9, 2011

It's happening...

People said the language would 'just come' to the kids - it's been 2 months and we're seeing it happen. It is so rewarding! Daron walked over to get Kenny after school Friday and he greeted him, and Kenny asked him "Es Kassie en la maison?"  Daron answered, no she's not at home - she's still on the bus. To which Kenny answered, "no! Say it to me in French!" So Daron tried to answer in French, and Kenny responded with, "now ask me how I'm doing" - so they kept on going in French. Hilarious. The kids are doing great, and I'm keeping up my Rosetta Stone and talking with moms at school and friends in the park. Daron feels the most bummed that he's not able to devote the same amount of time to learning the language, but his HP job is going well, and that's a wonderful blessing.

So these flowers...   one of my favorite little activities thus far has been my short outing I took yesterday to a local flower farm! There are thousands of multi-colored tulips growing in this cute field off the road, with a hand-painted sign saying "Caisse" (basically meaning 'fund') next to a bucket where you put in your money. It's the honor system ~ 1 franc per flower!  So I just roamed thru the flowers and picked what I wanted. Loved it.

Last night we hosted such a cute family from our ward for dinner -- 3 darling children that our kids just loved. Good food, good talk time... they've traveled the world, speak several languages, and had great advice on fun vacation spots from Monaco to Slovenia. Here they are playing a game at 10pm... you can tell from their half-closed eyes that they were at the end, but still not wanting to stop playing!

So now that it's Spring and getting to be warmer 'sandals' weather, I noticed a friend's cute toes and asked where she got them done -- oh, just a little Swiss pedicure place for $100. Just for the pedicure. I think I'll go ahead and keep trimming my toes myself and put that on my Christmas wish list for when I return to Texas. 8-) 

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