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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Happy Wednesday!

After almost a MONTH of being out of school -- Stephen finally got to go to his new school today! He had a great time -
Daron drove him there (the school is in Nyon - about 8 minutes away) and walked him in to meet Madame Delaveaux, his nice new teacher, who will mostly be focusing on French and Math; we'll be keeping up the rest of his studies at home. One of Stephen's favorite parts of his day is from 10am - 10:20, where he and all the other kids run out to the 'courtyard' area where a fresh patisserie cart comes in and sells croissants, chicken sandwiches, rolls - he spent 4 fr. today on a huge chicken sandwich and was apparently in heaven. He came home with several pages of French phrases to memorize - so we've been working on them this evening.

Kenny and I played here today - cleaning, doing laundry, and making lunch from our new favorite cookbook ~ Jessica Seinfeld's "Deceptively Delicious" - great ideas. Plus she adds fun interesting tidbits, like "social creatures" - where she says that when she sweeps the kids up with interesting conversation at the dinnertable, the kids always eat more happily and quickly... that's great to remember. Last month I read the same thing in Benjamin Franklin's autobiography - Ben's dad always invited people over to eat for that same reason - so the kids wouldn't focus on themselves and what they were eating, therefore becoming picky eaters - instead he wanted to foster stimulating conversation that would keep the meal going. Love it.
This is tortilla 'cigars' - tiny cute rolled tortillas with pureed squash and carrots! That's the key -  hiding all the healthy veggie purees. And it works.... they loved them!

Daron wants to show you all the super-neat sign posted on our balcony. (Thank heavens for it, because you know, we were going to bring a dog and let him poop on the balcony...)

Our favorite comment of the week - from little cousin Shepard: “Kenny’s in Switzerland.  I wanna live in Switzerland with my Kenny.” 

And from the same place I got our cute happy toaster, I found my new favorite jewelry hanger:

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