Daron, Melanie, Stephen, Kassie, and Kenny

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

"Grandmas are Mommies with Frosting!"

Such a cute saying I came across today -- and it just fits with perfectly for both Inger and Joy ~ I'm feeling so grateful for both of them today! I look at my little kids and think about how I wouldn't have them without both of these amazing women. I got such a sweet little email from Joy today saying she's mailing me some yeast -- I can't wait! And my mouth has been watering since Mom said she'd be sending some See's over with Steff next month. I feel so blessed to have both of these women in our lives. The kids continually say they're excited for all our family to come visit... I think they'll be thrilled when we start to see familiar faces from back home!

Today was so fun -- the first real day of full-on rain! It's lovely, even with the overcast clouds. Plus I did my first shopping trip all by myself ~ I was a bit scared, but I've been driving with the fam in the car, so I figured I could do it. It was fun -- down to the Signy Center - just minutes away - for groceries. Here's our cute 75-yr-old neighbor, Aunt Margaret, who just got back from skiing --
Daron went to pick up Kenny after school today since he didn't have a work call just then -- we walk right out the door and it's 25 seconds away. So convenient!!

Kenny and I had fun translating his French library book that he chose (using google translate - thanks Sterl!). I wasn't surprised to see that it was close to his favorite bedtime story from Dad, "Andy the Ant" - he's excited to read it everyday this week before he returns it to the Biblioteque --
And every other Tuesday afternoon, Kassie has off school - a way that the teachers focus more time on individual students... that means we all got to play this afternoon together! Kas invited a cute Irish friend Maureann over to play for the afternoon - she stayed til after dinner... here she is singing one of Kassie's new favorite songs that they're learning in school -- the kids all loved her Welsh accent!

And this evening, we all took a trip to the nearby recycling plant, where 3 days a week, it's open for mass dumping. The kids had a great time separating all our different items into the different bins ~ especially the big IKEA boxes!

Tomorrow is Stephen's first day -- he's very excited. It's only a halfday, since it's Wednesday. Hilarious - we come here to learn French and it seems like they're hardly ever in school!!!

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  1. Hi guys! We miss you soooooo much! Ali & I get a lump in our throats every Tuesday when we go for piano lessons. However, Lisa is just wonderful! All is well here -- just busy as usual. I hope you get this message. It looks like I need to set up a google account. Excuse my pitiful computer skills. Kisses to all of you! Love, B