Daron, Melanie, Stephen, Kassie, and Kenny

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Chalks SKI for the first time!!!

OH MY WORD - today was so much fun! It's pretty unbelievable that we just up and sold our house, moved to Switzerland, and went SKIING for the first time today -- it was so memorable! I am so glad Daron found us these NIFTY STYLISH ski outfits with zipper pockets, otherwise I wouldn't have been able to hold my camera and take these priceless videos and pictures - seriously, it was hilarious.

Don't worry - this is the only time Kenny cried - he got the whole skiing thing faster than any of us!
Now for the fun part -- these videos capture a good bit of how it went today. I'm so proud of these little Texans for coming and jumping right into this and loving it! They said they already want to go back next Saturday... luckily it's only about 15 minutes from our home - in Crozet, France! This video is the start of our adventure, right before getting on the gondola ride up the mountain...

Here we are putting our skiis on...

I'm sorry, but those moments when you totally shouldn't laugh - aren't those the funniest? Here's that one moment... when the kids were up on the skiis finally trying to get going - Stephen faceplanted in the snow, Kassie just sat down and cried and said she would never ski again, and Kenny just wailed and said he COULD NOT DO IT! (Then ofcourse they all did just fine)

Snowball fights...

Here I am skiing down the bunny hill with Kenny first...

Here are Daron and Kenny on the coolest invention ever - this neat rope ski lift for beginners! We pretty much parked ourselves on that...

Stephen got it like a pro!

Then there's this crazy HUGE sitty-downy-ski-lifty-thing - Kenny wanted to keep going and going on it... just like how he was the only one who wanted to ride the huge Griffon roller-coaster at Busch Gardens in Williamsburg last summer - hilarious!

After we got back in the car and ate our sandwiches (wow - nothing tasted so good after skiing! And especially because they sell here the same creamy honey that I used to buy in Provo - it's amazing), we drove back home and passed this truly beautiful - like POSTCARD PICTURESQUE LOVELY - little frozen pond with a bridge over it - we stopped and walked around and the kids got to throw rocks through the ice. They loved it.

We all got totally dirty but I don't care - we just tossed it all in our cute LITTLE washing machine and do a few loads. 8-) Uncle Sterl, we talked about you as we drove past all these darling little "Swiss chalets" - I told the kids how you've always been so cute and generous to say that when you're a millionaire you're going to rent a Swiss chalet for us all to stay in... and now we get to live right here in the middle of them all. The kids were honored to know we'll be coming back again someday on your dime. 8-) But for now, we'll just be happy to host you here on our dime. 8-)

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