Daron, Melanie, Stephen, Kassie, and Kenny

Friday, February 25, 2011

Freedom... 'ski week' vacation!

The kids were excited to get out of school today... they've got a week off for the Swiss 'ski week'! They celebrated by dogpiling Daron...
We made some yummy treats tonight - custard in cute new ramekins, and this most delicious banana bread with oatmeal streussel topping and CAULIFLOWER purree... I love that cookbook...

Daron's management regions now include all of Europe, Middle East, and Africa - including Russia. He got online to book a flight to Dubai, and to see if we could all pay our own way to accompany him there - unfortunately it's $1400/person. So darn it, we won't be joining him there. Although I'd love to... I just hope his hotel doesn't sink...

After scripture reading tonight we talked with the kids about all the chaos in the world - the tragedies occuring in Libya - so much sadness.  We discussed how blessed we are to be safe here, and that all our family is safe back home. I hope and pray that continues.

Speaking of family, here's Callister. I mean, really - look at those eyes. The kids can't WAIT to see him and hold his squishy arms in 13 days when they come visit!!!

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