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Monday, February 28, 2011

A fun trip to Germany!

Our sweet neighbor Margaret invited us to her home to celebrate Mrs. Goodman’s 90th birthday – I love how the Europeans put so much energy into their food! She gave us this whole tray of yummy treats… cute little sandwiches made of shrimpies, tuna, salmon, ham, and egg – as you can see, it’s all about the lovely presentation. They had Kenny sing ‘Silent Night’ for them.  

Then off to play for the kids’ SKI WEEK. This weekend has been packed with so many fun things… first another day of skiing – the kids did much better than the first time. Then the next stop was Bern – the capitol of Switzerland – named for the first animal that some Duke years ago saw when he went out hunting – hence, a ‘bear’, or Bern. The temple was just beautiful – we walked all around it and felt so privileged to be there. It was the 9th temple built, and the 1st European temple. Huge gorgeous trees.

Loved touring around downtown Bern – the “Zytglogge” – the landmark medieval clock in the center of town built in 1218 – it has cute figurines that come out on the hour and do a little show, like on Pinocchio. We also saw Albert Einstein’s home where he lived over a hundred years ago and came up with his revolutionary theory of relativity, E=mc2.

Next, off to the Black Forest in Germany… it brought back great memories from our Globus trip 11 years ago with Steff – the kids loved the big trees and delicious pastries… especially, of course, the black forest cake.  We stopped at a beautiful cathedral (saw a guy peeing right there on the side of the church – weird) – then a pizza café. (And got a fun phone call from Steff and CP and Mom and Dad – all playing at the Corpus Christi beach!)

Finally, to the nice hotel in Boblingen on the eve of Daron’s 1st Germany HP meeting. The kids loved being in the hotel – they all snuggled like sardines on the floor under the desk...

Then off to Munich today – the countryside is just breathtaking. You just want to stop and take pictures of all the cute little villages and rolling hills and cottages everywhere… here’s a cool tressle bridge that you can’t really see very well. And when we finally got to the hotel - they had to run around and be wild... 

And one of my all-time favorite pictures that I just downloaded from our video camera – from when Mom came to Kenny’s Spring show at The Woods before we moved… unposed cute lovey moment…

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