Daron, Melanie, Stephen, Kassie, and Kenny

Monday, January 9, 2012

Praying for passports

Tonight we re-lived our recent faith-promoting experience. As we were walking out the door in Texas to fly back to Switzerland, we realized that we couldn't find our passports. So we all searched frantically throughout Grandma's house for several minutes - 7 adults and 11 children (lots of cousins came to bid us farewell - so sweet). When we couldn't find them, we all knelt down and said a prayer. Within one minute of finishing our prayer, we found the passports - right in a place that several of the adults had already looked. It was such a wonderful lesson to us all of the power of faithful prayer.

And yet God works in mysterious ways... helping us get through jetlag with nighttime lego-playing.  (Well, that was probably more the kids' doing than God's...) I woke up last night at 2AM to find my 3 children with beaming smiles, happily playing on the floor together, because they couldn't sleep. It was still 7PM Texas-time to their bodies, and Stephen promised he didn't wake them up.  I'm not too sure about that, after watching this video that he himself took (before I came in) to prove that the kids were awake -- look how Kas and Kenny are just sitting there, hardly even moving. I think Stephen 'helped' them wake up since he couldn't sleep... 8-)

And here's Kenny enjoying his new remote airplane toy he got with Grandma's airport-spending-money!

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