Daron, Melanie, Stephen, Kassie, and Kenny

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Our very memorable American holidays!

Well... not even the THREE family trips to the ER for the flu, strep and sinus infection could dampen our spirits or lessen our fun in Texas over the holidays! It was a dream come true to go back and see family and friends after a year of being away.

Christmas Eve Eve tradition: Dollar Theatre movie and IHOP pancakes

Enjoying the MUCH-ANTICIPATED glazed donuts with Savannah
 Sterl's Ping-pong tournament

Kenny's position for pretty much the whole trip: wrapped in a blanket laying somewhere with a 103 fever! He threw up 4 times as we were exiting the plane to get here... right in the walkways - total nightmare! But he was a trooper, drinking his slurpies.
 15th Anniversary lunch! We never would've guessed, 15 years ago, that we'd be living in Switzerland! It's fun to wonder where we'll be in another 15 years...
 Ummm -- hello! Guess who'll be getting THIS adorable Texas sink when we get back!! Love it!
 Kenny and cousin Taya!

 So fun to see all the Chalks again!

 Doing some puppy shopping... the kids have narrowed their future pet down to a Sharpei or Pekingnese. Or maybe one of each. 8-)

 Just doing a little spider-swinging with my buddy. 8-)

And my cute family TOTALLY surprised me with an early 40th birthday party... it's not til April, so it was SUCH a fun surprise! 

I had a blast opening my 40 GIFTS they collectively brought me! From Brighton jewelry to a homemade apron to a delicious cake to Sterling serenading me in Italian...  I loved every second of it. We had the whole restaurant to ourselves.

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