Daron, Melanie, Stephen, Kassie, and Kenny

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Fun weekend

Today in Primary, I was teaching the kids "The Still Small Voice" song, and I told them the story about Harold B. Lee ~ when he was a young boy, he and his family were standing in the front doorway of his home one evening watching a thunderstorm over nearby mountains. All of a sudden, his mother vigorously pushed him outside onto the ground, and an instant later, a bolt of lightning struck their chimney, came down through the kitchen stove, and out through the front door, splitting a tree in the front yard in two from top to bottom. Harold's mom later said she distinctly heard the still small voice whisper to her to push Harold out of the way at that moment... how wonderful that she heeded that prompting (to 'promptly' act). So in the car on the way home, Kassie loved the story and asked me to retell it, and Kenny said, 'but Mom, why did his mom PUSH him?' It was so cute - he continued to be confused about how Harold's mother could actually push him out the door.  Finally he got the whole point of the story - that she did it to protect him. But I just loved that it was such a foreign idea to him that a mother would push her child at all. I just look at my 3 kids, especially today (when they were all matching in the cute outfits Aunt Kassie picked out for them in Texas), and sometimes I just get choked up thinking that they're mine and God loaned them to ME to have. I love watching them from up at the organ when I'm playing the Sacrament meeting music - they're all just sitting on their pew with Daron singing. And they listen so well to the talks. They're just growing up, and we're already out of that 'baby' stage when I had to work hard to keep them quiet during church, and of course now I miss that stage. Time goes too quickly.

Here we are this weekend, playing with Kassie's cute friend Muireann ~ dogpiling during our favorite boardgame "Loaded Questions."

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