Daron, Melanie, Stephen, Kassie, and Kenny

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

The joys of summertime

There is NO better time to exercise than now -- when I come home after my runs with my shirt filled with these PERFECT cherries - at the peak of ripeness -- from a tree owned by our cute friends Geronimo and Raphael. They said help ourselves, so we do! 8-)

Today was the day Kenny has been looking forward to for one week - when his classmate Artur (who speaks only French) came over to play. They were the cutest things ever - here painting...

And here playing "Poul-Poul-Kack", the French version of "Duck-Duck-Goose." I love how just the 2 of them run in circles!

And just one of the many reasons I like Daron so much... here he is, happily holding the TWO tickets we got this week... can you believe it?? I parked in Lausanne by a bunch of other cars for a homeschooling get-to-know-you meeting (where I saw no sign saying don't park, but obviously there was one hidden somewhere) and that was $40. Then Daron just got his ticket in the mail from last time he drove back across the border from France - doing just 57 in a 50 -- $140! Yikes.

We're enjoying doing lots of reading together these days - last night we finished "Henry Reed, Inc.", and tonight we started "The Incredible Journey."  For our evening family scripture reading, we're 99 pages into the Book of Mormon (after 5 months) ~ at our rate, we'll be through it in just a short 3 more years... but that's going very slowly, each of us taking turns on the verses, and including Kenny sounding out the words too. He gets so excited when he can read the words correctly! It's fun to discuss what we're reading... the Isaiah passages are tricky, but tonight we were able to relate them to the reading Stephen and I are doing for homeschoooling in his "100 Gateway Cities" book - praying for those unevangelized cities all over the world. It's an interesting idea - that we actually have some influence over when Jesus returns; if the Second Coming will happen only when every person on earth has had the chance to hear the gospel, then the quicker we help spread God's word, the quicker we'll see Him again. (Matthew 24:12). Just something I hadn't thought of before in that way.

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