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Sunday, June 12, 2011

Geneva: #3 city for quality of living! We're loving it!

Uncle Mike emailed us the 2010 Quality of Living ranking and Geneva was #3 ~ wahoo!! We are definitely feeling that top of the chart spot... the gorgeous countryside, the breathtaking mountains, the perfect weather - we will certainly miss it all when we return to Texas. This is an adventure of a lifetime. Just this weekend, we had so much fun doing different activities around here -- Kas had a blast at a birthday party for one of her new friends Camilla from ceramics class...

Then the kids built a fort, kind of in honor of all their cousins back home who are now OUT OF SCHOOL, lucky ducks.

We also had the privilege to celebrate Slush's 8th birthday (Kassie's new dog) in the company of our dear friends, Elder Wayment and Elder Broccious. Cake, singing, and all.

Now, let it be known, I do NOT videotape things in church - so this little clip is purely for the Wayment family, who I hope enjoys seeing their son doing a fantastic job on his 'Faith" talk today!  Wayments, I already feel like we're family, with our Hemet/Aunt Leann connection... maybe someday we'll get to meet. 8-) I just know that if it were one of my little boys up there being a missionary, I'd love it if someone brought their camera along and happened to catch some of it... 8-)   You would have been proud.  I tried (unsuccessfully) to convince my hubby to 'catch' some of the missionary musical number they did too (I was accompanying so I couldn't manage that and the camera)... but the song -"I'll Find you There my Friend" - was inspiring.

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