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Sunday, June 5, 2011

Happy Birthday Daron!

We're so happy that Joy and Bill had Daron 38 years ago today!! And it happened just a few hours away from where we are now -- he was born in Nuremburg, Germany! We plan to go back there sometime to visit, since we're so close now. 8-)  When I was young, my parents would often take us to visit other churches when we were on vacation -- what a great way to learn about other people and come to respect the way others worship. So today we did that - visited a cute little Swiss church and enjoyed the humble old decor - the stained glass windows - it was lovely. (Note one of Daron's birthday gifts - his new Swiss watch, to commemorate our experience here in this amazing country!)

We also did something a bit different, and stepped out to enjoy God's creations -- a fun hike up into the mountains!

One of Daron's favorite gifts is this cool keyboard frame from Tiff and Sterl - so creative...

And here's our cute Kas, planning her birthday rock concert for Daron ~

Today we also did some extra reading in some of Stephen's homeschooling books... he likes to get a jump on the next week's assignments during the weekend so he's got more freetime during the week.  Here's a list of the books he's reading now... there is such variety in the Sonlight curriculum ~ it keeps it very interesting...

- Remembering God's Awesome Acts (a unique, historical approach to understanding the Bible)
- Ships, Sailors and the Sea
- Torches of Joy
- 100 Gateway Cities
- Henry Reed, Inc. (a fun Newberry Award book about free enterprise... we re-listened to Janine Brady's song called 'Free Enterprise' from her "Take your Hat Off when the Flag Goes by" CD)
- Seabird (very cool book about whaling -- we're actually watching Moby Dick on imdb.com along with reading this book -- can you believe, the one book I really didn't enjoy reading in college, and I'm watching it with Stephen now? But I suppose I'm appreciating it on a different level. Well, it's always more fun to watch a movie rather than listen to 16 discs on tape that I found so tedious I can't believe I made it all the way thru them... I do, however, recognize it as a classic, so I'm being open minded...)
- All the Small Poems
- Sequential Spelling
- The Usborne Complete Book of the Human Body

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