Daron, Melanie, Stephen, Kassie, and Kenny

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Bowling and a sunny day in the Jura!

The start of a great weekend -- we all went bowling for George's birthday party - a friend of Kassie's - Daron, Steebie, Kenny and I took a lane a few away from the party and did our own game.

Here's Kas with her cute Swiss friends cheering her on...

And Kenny getting a SPARE!

And Stephen's turn...

Here, you can see what a great mommy Kassie will be someday. She's helping her dog Slush get over his cold by using Daron's CPAP.

Today was a gorgeous Saturday, so we drove up into the Jura Mountains to a popular family spot with golfing, a huge park, and a petting zoo: Signal de Bougy. We just tuckered ourselves out playing... including barrell-rolling down the soft green grass. Living in Switzerland is really just like a dream -- it will most certainly be an absolutely unforgettable experience that we're already feeling sad about leaving... although we're only a quarter of the way through our stay here.  I hope that when we return to American life, we'll remember how much fun it has been to be sort of cloistered together like this - living in a smaller area (this tiny apartment as well as this small cute town) and spending so much time outside playing. I think in the US we allow ourselves to get busy and fill our schedules so we forget to take time for these important things. I'm glad for the different perspective.

Tonight, Kenny prayed about Kassie's plane that got caught in the trees today. They each bought a toy at the park souvenir shop with their merit money; when she launched and lost her plane, she was quite sad. Daron threw rocks up til it came down; Kenny's prayer was how grateful he was "that Daron was so helpful to Kassie when her plane was stuck." I love how simply children think. I had totally forgotten the whole event, but his cute brain remembered it.

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