Daron, Melanie, Stephen, Kassie, and Kenny

Monday, March 7, 2011

"I belong to God!"

So last weekend at the park we met some new friendly people. A darling family - their smiley daughter Johanna goes to school with Kenny.  The Dad, Jean Paul (from Zaire) said the neatest thing. We started talking about how they met - his wife was a missionary in Italy, and she went to his church. But when he brought up 'church', he hesitated, and said - I don't know if I should talk with you about this - many here in Switzerland are agnostics... to which I immediately replied that Yes - we're Christian! Then he just got this loving, serious look on his face and said "I belong to God" - it was so precious. Just a sweet, humble man. It was a nice reminder of how I'd like to think of myself - as 'God's property' - I hadn't heard it said like that before.

Here's Kenny enjoying our french toast... 'breakfast for dinner' last night... sometimes it's got to be that way. Even with no syrup, we were good with the powdered sugar...

Kassie was watching horses run by and said - Mom, if I got a horse, I would get a black stallion. So ofcourse I suggested we all watch the good old 'Black Stallion' movie from years ago... and believe it or not, it wasn't as bad this time. When Sterl and Steff and I rewatched it as adults it was pretty awful because I think we were expecting too much... 8-)  But watching it with the kids was pretty funny - they especially loved all the island scenes with the horse and boy playing. And the snake moment... always frightening no matter what age you are.

Yesterday was fun wearing my new boots to church... thanks to Greg and Jamie!

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