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Friday, March 11, 2011

Doing without...

We're realizing that we're doing great living here without many things that we never thought we could live without, such as:

Big house (well, bigger than a hotel room!)
Kraft macaroni and cheese
TWO cars
Sugar and chocolate   (I'll go ahead and cross those out for obvious reasons)

It's fun to 'play house' here -- we all really like being in the smaller space. There hasn't been one mention of 'this is so small!' Here are the kids, building with their legos on the living room floor...

Tonight we ventured out to France to grocery shop in preparation for Steff, Christopher, and Callister's arrival in 3 days... we can't wait! Everything's cheaper across the border, so we loaded up...

Then we had dinner at good old McDonald's. We're not a fast food family, especially McDonald's, but they actually do a really good job at their hamburgers here. The kids LOVE them... but maybe it's just because I'm not buying meat as often since it's more expensive. So the burgers are a treat.

So we went in, ordered, got our food, and went to a table. We took this picture (below - such comfy chairs!) then Kas blessed the food. Awhile later, a nice man at the next table asked if we wanted him to take a picture of all of us. I told him my camera died, then he just smiled and said - 'you really don't see families saying grace anymore, especially at McDonald's. That was nice.'  What a fun compliment for the kids to hear about something they do without even thinking.

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