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Thursday, March 17, 2011

Chamonix and Italy!

The kids played hookie today from school and we made the most of our time with Steff, Christopher and Callister... a 7-hour daytrip to Chamonix, the beautiful town which shares the summit of magestic Mont Blanc with Courmayeur, Italy. Chamonix was beautiful - the first Winter Olympics in 1924 were held here. The weather at the top was zero visibility so we didn't go up the cablecar - but we'll return and do it in the summer! 

We paid the $60 toll to drive through the Tunnel de Mont Blanc, so we could cross over into Italy... gorgeous! (We wish they would've stamped our passports though...)

This picture below reminds me of a funny story. So on Sunday, a sweet woman came up to me at church and said - "I have never spoken to your daughter, Kassandra, but I want to ask you something about her. I wonder if I have discovered how she is by watching her: does she have an original personality? Does she already know what she wants in life?" I told her I was impressed that she could know that about Kas without actually knowing her, and what made her think that... she said - "I just see her facial expressions - the clothes she wears (she had a darn cute dress on Sunday - a hand-me-down from Savannah, always the best), the way she wears her hair - I can just tell that she's a girl who knows where she's going."  It was pretty cute - Sunday Kassie was definitely on top of her game, as she was excited to give her Primary talk about 'handing out warm sparklies to people', or doing things to make people happy. She was pumped to be there and hand out her cookies to everyone. But I was just glad that someone was able to see that in her!  It's that sparkly enthusiasm in her that made her take her ripstick out to the bus stop just now after lunch, and ride it around while we were waiting for the bus ~ it was a hoot. All the little boys and girls were wide-eyed watching her, and uttering their praises in French (one girl was translating what they were all saying - "Wow, Kassie is so good at that!", etc.) then 3 different boys asked to hop on and they did it for a second then fell off on their bums - it was too funny. Then I got on and they kind of chuckled, thinking I was joking, and I ripsticked around and they all clapped. A proud moment, I admit. Earning the respect of the little ones. 8-)

Our little buddy Callister - falling asleep while talking to us, sitting up on the couch. So delightful to play with. 

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