Daron, Melanie, Stephen, Kassie, and Kenny

Thursday, November 11, 2010

We love HP!

We’re so grateful that HP has handed us this opportunity to come live abroad and experience this whole new way of life.  It’s already been so eye-opening… from people-watching as we hop from train to train, to noticing how few little children there are around. There are a plethora (Jefe, do you know what a plethora is?) of public parks and petting zoos geared just for children – I know the kids will have a great time here. And as for food – they’ve got salad, flaky croissants, and peanut butter and jelly – we’re totally set. Of course I did gasp when I saw the meat: $30 for 1 pound! So we’ll just alter our meat-eating a bit… perhaps bring over some TVP.
Minutes after Daron made the comment to me,  “I’m glad I’m smart – it would suck if I wasn’t” (because he remembered to get the daily parking ticket from the hotel before we left), he drove us down this very very itty-bitty road, which unfortunately just stopped at a dead-end. I had the opportunity to witness a 200-point turn… just imagine having about 1 inch to maneuver the car completely around to go the opposite direction – I had to hop out and take a picture. Daron did a great job. 8-)
Loved meeting Yves today – Daron’s new boss.  We took him and his secretary flowers and Lindt - that was a hit. He’s totally cool – we had fun talking. He has 2 kids, and lives in Grenoble, France near the Swiss alps and drives almost 2 hours in to work only 2 days a week.  We also talked with HR and we’ll meet with the bank tomorrow to set up our account.  Yves is taking us out to dinner tonight somewhere in France. We’ll probably have chocolate for dessert. Again… 8-)


  1. I am so jealous of your many adventures there. And this is just the beginning. You haven't mentioned the search for an apartment yet-hope that's going well.
    My roommate in college lived in Switzerlend all her high school years. When she moved in with us we told her she really needed to re-do her wardrobe because it was all dark colors--and so much black! Your story made me smile.
    And tell Daron I'm so glad he's smart. It takes quite a bit of smarts to make a 200 point turn.
    Here's something for you to use at dinner tonight "J'adore chocolate!"

  2. Breanna - I love you! Yes, Daron is smart - it was fun listening to him and Yves talk HP business - all greek to me. But it's pretty amazing that this whole job situation has happened as it has - it really seems like it was meant to be. But don't worry, I will not go all black - I must retain my own color and flair. 8-)

  3. Ok, this just gets even cooler with each post. France, Swiss, chocolate, bosses named Ives. So awesome!!!

    We of course miss you all!