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Saturday, November 13, 2010

The church, the alps, and IKEA!

The pictures show all - today was a blast visiting our new ward (all such great people!), the new Geneva IKEA, and driving up the Jura mountains to see the view of the Swiss Alps. We've decided that one of our kids' favorite things will be seeing all the dogs that go everywhere with people -- on the trams, into the restaurants - it's hilarious! And they're all such cute dogs. Our favorite so far was a Sharpei that looked just like Bumper, but brown like Mushu was.  We drove thru the darling villages that we'll hopefully live in, and found out that if we live there, school buses come pick up the kids in the morning, then bring them home for lunch (which is 2 hours), then take them back to school, then bring them back home in the afternoon. So perfect! Plenty of time in between for me to be learning French on Rosetta Stone -- people have told me that my kids will probably be up to speed in about 3 months by being in the public schools. Amazing!

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  1. the hills are alive .... with the sound of music ...

    Ok, so I know they were in Austria but every time I think of the Swiss Alps I think of the Sound of Music.