Daron, Melanie, Stephen, Kassie, and Kenny

Friday, November 12, 2010

Blowing an alpenhorn!

What a great day - from exercising this morning in the hotel gym, to Daron's officially getting and signing his new job contract, to eating authentic Swiss food... a highlight was blowing the alpenhorn at Restaurant Edelweiss! We also set out to decide the best spot for us to settle down, and we decided that the cute villages up near the mountains (now topped with snow after their first snowfall of the winter this week) will be a pretty dreamy place to live. The cottages look like the little buildings right out of the Epcot Disneyland villas. We visited several schools and met great teachers that told us all about how our kids would have free intensive French tutoring in small groups that will get them up to speed in probably 3 months. Holy cowbells! (They had lots of those at the Edelweiss Restaurant, of course) Daron and I need to hit the Rosetta Stone HARD to keep up with the kids.

Actually, Daron's already pretty much got it.  We went to the bank today to open our account and Daron greeted the gentleman and introduced himself and said a few casual words all in French, such that the man took us into his office, then said a whole big long slew of French stuff while I just stared at him, then he left the office -- I was thinking, oh boy, this will be rather difficult with him not speaking English! But when he returned, Daron asked him in French if he spoke English, and he looked confused and said yes, but why? Then we laughed and said we don't speak French! And he said - no - sir, your dialect and pronunciation was just like a native - I thought you were French!  Nice. Daron got points for that... we found him a yummy dessert to celebrate all his day's successes.

Tomorrow we go meet friends in our new ward and have lunch with some of them. Then it's SHOPPING!


  1. Je ne parle pas tres bien Francais ... well, ok maybe "un pue". I chose French in junior high as opposed to Spanish because I thought it was more romantic. Now living in Houston I wish I knew Spanish ... but still prefer French.

  2. Sorry to say, but the second pic (the first one of you blowing the horn) looks more like you're taking a hit on a big bong. Just sayin'...